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Driver door won’t close


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Went to drive to college earlier today and once I got In the car I tried to close the door and the door flung back open and won’t close it seems it’s not latching on for some reason and there is a rattle on the inside of my door when I try and close it and was wondering if this is common and if there is a fix for it. the door locks but I have to hold it closed and lock the door can anyone help ??? 

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i was kind of in a rush at the time and didn't get to look but the catch on the driver side you could move freely well i think it was the catch it was the mechanism on the actual door

16 minutes ago, Rich said:

is the catch intact within the door?

does it all look like the passenger side ?


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On 24/02/2018 at 5:25 PM, Rich said:

there's no cable to keep it shut, the cable opens it

Oh you can tell I don’t know much about cars it’s kind of weird as sometimes it works n sometimes it doesn’t 

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