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Lupo GTI info needed Please


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Hi all, I bought this Lupo GTI brand new in 2004 and have been the only (lady lol) owner.  It has been an amazing little car, done just over 100,000 miles, only ever broken down once a few years ago - cam belt which was replaced.  It had a small ding in the back in 2012 but was all fixed & no probs since - new back bumper.  Basically I am trying to find out a rough idea of value, it is tidy for a 14 year old car. I love my little car but it is getting old and just wondering if I ought to sell it/scrap it/is it worth anything??  Many thanks, any advice much appreciated.


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Really?? Thank you!  Worth holding on to do you think? 

I'm just going on it's age that it wouldn't be worth much and prob just as well to get rid - I do love the car, and you don't see many about so maybe it is worth looking after it and keeping it going for a while then??

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Prices haven't really gone up or down, will it be worth anymore in a few years? probably not, as it will be older and have more miles.

Might prices go up in 10 years, maybe, but only for minters, but who knows.


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