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Rear drums stuck on

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Anyone got any ideas on how to remove the rear drums if the brakes are sticking on slightly? Tried beating them with a hammer but I only made a big pile of rust and felt like I was going to brake something. Just trying to put on new hubs but looks like I’m going to need new brakes now too




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there is a wedge inside which releases the drums.

one side is at ten o clock

the other side is at two o clock.

i can't remember which.

once you lever it up with a screwdriver it will pop straight off providing you have undone the locator screw.

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Agree with Rich & co on the wedges.

However, is the rust bond between the drum and the hub broken? You removed the cross head screw, and now you should be able to rotate the hub centre so that the bolt centres don't align with the holes in the drum. If you can't do that, then the drum could be stuck to the hub. 

The wedges are tiny and have a small dot on the back you can move them with using a screwdriver.

A seized or dragging handbrake cable can also contribute to this. There are 2 per car. One thing though, first make sure the handbrake is totally released in the car and to the floor, then pull hard on each hand brake cable at the hub, waggle the outer, so there is as much slack as possible at/inside the hubs, opposite one first, then the one you are working on. 

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