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a club lupo member has a laser cutter...

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I discovered that cooter has a laser cutter and various tech metalwork gear. So I mentioned that there might be some demand for a custom designed keyring different to previous offerings. Or maybe even other stuff like badges, drink mats etc etc.

He's made a prototype keyring which I'm looking forward to seeing.

If anyone has any more design ideas, post them here!

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It's the best car keyring I've seen for years... I wanted a mk2 one in the past. What I really like is the embossing or etched details. I think iammike is right. If the front wheel was a hole just like the rear that'd be better. Try a spoiler...maybe even an angled gti or lupo logo somewhere??? Just ideas! :)

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Spent far too much time looking at side views of GTI'S looking for a decent spoiler image, came up with this one but its not great, screen capture from Autocad into an image file hasn't come out great either so I will get one of each of these cut tomorrow and upload the actual thing

lupo cad.jpg

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2nd attempt posting this... did someone delete my post?!

Anyway.... I thought I'd post an update after 6 weeks of usage. All looking good even with a few extra scratches. In fact the laser etching seems to stand out more once it gets a bit scuffed. At least there's no enamel or paint to chip off. I had to grind off the Gti spoiler (sorry Gti fans!), as it kept snagging. I also ended up polishing the edge as I like the feel of polished metal over laser cut metal.

What it looks like now:


And an edge close up:


Ask cooter who makes them :)

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