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I'm wanting to get back into the lupo scene, I need a lupo sport! Preferably near Kent but I don't mind a road trip. Any condition, I need a new project.

cheers Tom

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I am going to selling my lupo soon if your interested....

 i have done a few mods these are

coil overs tech nix brand

bbs alloys wheels

changed the grill

blacked out the vw badges 

and few other bit and pieces

its a 1.4 with just over 90k on the clock


here a pic of it...






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Hi I'm in Kent and have a Lupo TDi sport for sale! Will let it go for £650 including the parts for a rear disc conversion! This is the write up on eBay...

VW Lupo 1.4TDi £30 tax
This has been my daily commute for the past two years and has not missed a beat! Regrettably selling to go down to one car. It is 15 years old so is not perfect cosmetically but runs and drives superbly! 
Ok so I thought I'd add an overview of the good and bad bits to the best of my knowledge so you know what you are getting! I have been as honest and thorough as I can but may have missed something good or bad. The best way to ensure you are happy with it is to come and VIEW BEFORE YOU BUY!
Exhaust Rear box is missing ( I had intended on building a full custom exhaust so I didn't replace it although it isn't noticeably louder and doesn't cause any running issues).
There is a burn mark just above the drivers side seat pull. 
No handle on drivers side seat pull! I have a new one but it doesn't stay on. I think the metal bit it clips onto has snapped!
There is staining on the seats and on the head lining.
The plastic surround on the rear seatbelt buckle has come apart. 
The wheel arches would benefit being rolled (tyres don't rub unless the car pile drives at speed). You would need to do this if you intend on lowering it more anyway. 
Cosmetically there are some dents on the wings and on the rear bumper and a ripple on each side of the roof. (These were all present when I got the car and I have no idea how the roof was dented?).
There is some rust on the inside of the arches and below the boot handle (the roof is not rusty! A relatively common area to go on the Lupo). There are scratches as to be expected on an old car. 
One of the fog lamps is cracked and the other seems unusually recessed in the hole. 
The air conditioning system has a leak somewhere.
The passenger side window does not go down. (Another common problem with all VWs of this era).
It is an air conditioning equipped Lupo (though not currently working, see above).
Spare oil filter and oil included for next service.
Pioneer CD player.
Alarm beep on arming/ disarming enabled through vagcom.
Door auto lock enabled through vagcom (doors lock when you start driving).
R32 front wishbone bushes with adapter washers.
Front geometry set to 1.5* negative camber, 15 minutes toe in on each wheel (although this may be incorrect by now as was done about a year ago).
5 x 15" Renault 19 steel wheels with custom made spigot spacers (8mm) and matching spare all with uniroyal rainsport 3 tyres (passenger front is brand new, drivers side has about 7mm tread, two rears are around 4/5mm but slightly lower on inside edge (the cost of running negative camber lol) the spare currently has a puncture which should be repairable! 
Genuine VW G60 centre caps.
Coilover suspension. I replaced the bump stops at the same time. 
Rear window detachable sun screen. 
Timing belt and waterpump was done at about 148k.
Last service at 162k.
Currently on around 167k.
MOT'd until Feb 2017.
Remapped from 75 to 100bhp including EGR delete (Blacksmoke remap makes a remarkable difference to driveability). 
280mm Big front brake conversion.
I also have all the parts for rear disc conversion including rebuilt and painted calipers (to match the front) and 22mm front ARB (currently 20mm) with droplinks / bushes to suit but this will be available seperately. 
As listed above there are things that need sorting out but overall A FANTASTIC LITTLE CAR THAT  NEEDS TO BE SEEN
Located in Ramsgate
Sold as seen. Viewings welcome. Good price for quick sale. 



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36 minutes ago, Tom12334 said:

Not yet

Have one which I may be parting with soon.  Y reg on 94k.  Had it 2 years - serviced twice and had belts done and minor other things e.g. wiper and indicator stalks, leccy window switches, new tyres.  On coilies (not sure which ones).  If I do sell then would only want £700.

Shall I keep you updated?

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It's blue. Yes 100bhp centre exhaust lupo sport.  Off on hols tomorrow for a couple of weeks.  Will let you know if we do decide to let it go.  Car is not perfect but I can fill you in on everything if we were to sell.

In Birmingham but sure we could meet somewhere if necessary.

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Silver gti is up for sale and I'm after a sport again, (i can't bring myself to gut out the gti for track days) anyone fancy a swap with cash my way.

2002 silver lupo gti

83k full service history

lowered on kw v1 coilovers, they still adjust

full custom exhaust  Ashley manifold (2nd hand from Casper gti)

Smoothed front bumper

new tyres all round, on 16" deep dish wheels (supposedly rare, I've never heard of them)

pioneer touch screen Bluetooth and all that.

always cleaned and waxed 


I'll try and get some photos on soon

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