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  1. Mo

    Insuring a lupo gti

    Thanks for the reply much appreciated. i have a clean license with no points I have just tried another comparison website comparethemarket and managed to get it to £2000 with black box limited to 6000 miles which is okay but still a little expensive.i was hoping to get it to £1250 or is that not realistic ? Thanks
  2. Mo

    Insuring a lupo gti

    Hello every one,Need i bit of advice i am wanting to buy a lupo gti but the trouble is the the insurance is ridiculously high.i am 20 with 1 years no claim and i am getting quotes of £4500.dose any know any cheap insurance company's to use ? it be a big help. Thanks
  3. Mo

    Wanted lupo sport!!!

    Hello I am going to selling my lupo soon if your interested.... i have done a few mods these are coil overs tech nix brand bbs alloys wheels changed the grill blacked out the vw badges and few other bit and pieces its a 1.4 with just over 90k on the clock here a pic of it... Thanks

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