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Project black lupo 1.4


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Picked up my 02 1.4 auto Lupo about a month ago and this site has been pretty inspiring with some of the others members lupos ☺️, so I thought I'd leave my mark
Here it is as I bought it


Then debadged straight away


Then full serviced, and realised the doesn't have a pollen filter! As it's not an ac model


Then picked up some new shoes


hopefully all the pictures will work, and I'm posting it all in the correct places aha

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I don't think they are starlites but prove me wrong and the pollen fitler was standard on all arosas I have two :) so just go to a scrappy and nick that one with the surround.

found a scrappy on eBay, they said there's no pollen filter in there arosa but said he's got one from a polo which will fit right in so I've purchased that ?
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seen some leather seats in pretty good condition on eBay at £1.20 with only 20 minutes to go, I just had to bid and ended up winning them for not much more. Turns out there from a Hyundai coupe ? I don't know how I'm gonna fit them but will be worth it ✌

Also has anyone fitted a sunroof to a non sunroof model????

In this current heat I feel like cutting out a hole in the roof myself ?

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Over the weekend did a few bits

Fitted the pollen filter


Also tested out some paint on the engine cover


A few more bits and bobs will be coming soon ?

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I was after a Lupo sport rear bumper as I wanted to centre the exhaust but they seem to get sold within a few minutes of putting them up and for ridicolous prices, so then I stumbled on a tt rear valance and thought why not


Will be a challenge to fit that and also alter the exhaust


Also sprayed the badges white


What adhesive does everyone usually use to put back on the badge?

Might just leave it off

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You not going to lower it? Also how did you get the glue of the after removing the rear badges?

I used abit of sticky stuff adhesive remover and credit card to scrape it off, will be lowering soon just need to save up for a good pair of coilovers
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What sort of paint did you use on the engine cover? Im wanting to paint mine too but i dont know if some standard spray from Wilkos or somewhere will work? :lol:

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