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Draining Power Steering Fluid


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Hello, was just wondering how the power steering fluid can be drained?

I want to drain it has it hasn't been done in a while plus i feel like a new load of power steering fluid will help keep everything in check.

Any help would be great :) and Pictures will also be a huge help :)


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When I do it, I don't actually drain the system, but simply get the pump to do the work. Put the return pipe into a bucket, block the return hole in the reservoir. Then with an assistant, front wheels on slippery magazine or something, turn to full lock. Start the engine (normal idle), get the assistant to quickly turn to opposite lock and then back again- then kill the ignition- while you keep the tank topped up. It does pump quickly, so make sure you have at least 1.5L on hand. You'll see the bucket pipe fluid change colour once the system has been flushed. It doesn't matter if you suck air in as it gets blown through.

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