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  1. What size of Allen key or would a screw driver work to remove the 2 screws? My boot light has just came on due to water inside it..
  2. Hello, I Recently bought a sat nav from Garmin and i want to set up the fuel economy part of it, but i have been searching the the internet for the City Fuel Economy and the Mwy Fuel Economy and cant see it anywhere! Well not for the 1.0 litre anyway! Does anyone have the data or a link to a website that could help me out? Many thanks!
  3. Hello, was just wondering how the power steering fluid can be drained? I want to drain it has it hasn't been done in a while plus i feel like a new load of power steering fluid will help keep everything in check. Any help would be great and Pictures will also be a huge help Thanks.
  4. Anybody got any pics to help please? :-)
  5. I am wondering is there a way to remove the plastic protection trim that is attached to the outside of the door to protect from people banging your door? If so can some body explain how to take it off please? Thanks
  6. Thanks very much!
  7. Is it possible to remove the plastic surrounding where the speaker is?
  8. Thanks that is a great help
  9. I am wondering how to take the door panel off on my lupo, I'm looking to get rid of a dent and don't really wanna pay the price for it. Any pictures or videos would be a great help Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm looking to give my dashboard a small upgrade, so far i have started with replacing the radio that was stock with a Sony one. I'm looking to change my gear stick knob also and would like any links to some that yous think are good looking and comfy and if someone one could explain the process in replacing one that would be great also I'm also on the looking for the dials that control the heating and AC, if yous have any links to metal or chrome ones that would be great! And finally if yous have any suggestions on what I should do to the dashboard or interior please let me know Thank you David
  11. Hello, I am new to this and joined as I need help with my Lupo, My EGR Valve is stuck! I have took out all the screws and Bolts I believe that are holding it on, but it wont budge can anyone tell me how to get this to move? There are 2 more screws below the EGR Valve that are hard to access but I don't know if these need to come off! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone can put pictures of the EGR Valve from there lupo on the website that could also help me. Thanks
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