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My 2004 Lupo TDI Sport (Only 36k superb example)

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For sale is my is 2004 Lupo TDI sport this will be available around February 2015 as I am in the process of removing my private number plate.

This car has been in my family from new purchased by my grandfather from VW Benfield Newcastle on the 10.09.2004. He owned the car until around 2011 when my brother purchased it from him. I then purchased it from my brother in 2013. This is my 3rd car and to be honest is wasted on me I just don’t do the miles to justify keeping it any longer. Used to drive to work on Monday morning where it is then parked up until the Thursday/Friday as I am an HGV driver and work away from home most of the week. Hence why I only cover around 3k miles between MOT’s. Very cheap to run and insure. My self my wife and brother are all in our mid 30’s and used the car to commute to and from work. I will genuinely be sad to see this go as they are such a rare car in this engine/spec.

Very well looked after little car if it needed anything doing it got done as simple as that really.

Serviced at VW Dealers all its life with the exception of the last service.

A very low mileage example with only 36,000 miles in very good overall condition.

I will try to include as much information as possible in the advert to detail the service history/maintenance

Lupo TDI Sport

Engine 1.4 tdi

Year 2004 (54 reg)

Mileage 36,000

Colour Black

MOT 9th August 2015

Location Newcastle Upon Tyne

Tax £30.00 per year

MPG 50+

Service history

30-08-05 4443 miles VW Benfield Newcastle

07-09-06 8165 miles VW Benfield Newcastle

16-08-07 10762 miles + Brake Fluid Change VW Benfield Newcastle

11-08-08 12602 miles + Air/Fuel Filter VW Benfield Newcastle

08-09-08 13130 miles Timing Belt Replaced VW Benfield Newcastle

10-08-09 15275 miles VW Benfield Newcastle

05-08-10 16639 miles VW Benfield Newcastle

14-09-10 17005 miles Brake Fluid Change only VW Benfield Newcastle

01-08-11 18372 miles VW Benfield Newcastle

03-08-12 24725 miles + Brake Fluid change VW Wayside Aylesbury

15-10-13 31288 miles + Air/Fuel Filter Professional Auto Solutions Morpeth

28-06-14 34050 miles Timing/Aux Belt and Water Pump VW Benfield Newcastle

22-09-14 34766 miles Front discs/pads only Swift Motor Engineering VW Specialists Newcastle


Really is a great example and must be one of the last lupo tdi’s put on the road in the uk. Always washed regularly and paint work always comes up with a nice shine as you can see in the photos. The body work is not perfect and as the car is 10yrs old and has been used for the daily commute popping to the shops etc. Has the usual odd stone chip car park dink as most do and been black in colour tends to show every little scratch/mark when cleaned.

2x car park dinks where someone has obviously opened there door into the rear quarter panels there is one on both sides of the car. These are the only 2 that I really notice. No paint damage and if you wanted them repaired a dent wizard would be able to sort these.

Small dent on edge of drivers door very small not easy to spot at all.

Small area near top of drivers door where it meets roof has been touched in with a touch up stick/pen at some point.

Drivers side front wing has started to bubble ever so slightly under the paint on the wheel arch. No broken paint just started within the last 6 months.

Like I said comes up great after a good wash/valet and I am been very critical about the faults/imperfection. This car could easily be turned into a show car in my opinion. Never been machined polished or detailed professionally if this was done it would benefit the black paintwork greatly.


Only modifications are a set of Weitec coilovers purchased from Awsome GTI. These were fitted to the car at 30,000 miles so not seen much use really. Professional Auto Solutions fitted these who I trust as they look after my two other cars one being my track prepped Renault sport 172. The door strips have been removed also. Interior is factory standard same interior as the GTI model. Even has the original VW tape deck radio.


Full VW owners pack with service book stamped, Radio code, Key code all present loads of invoices to back up the service book


Genuine superb little car with only 36k miles.

Had all the big high cost jobs/items done within the last few thousand miles. Timing belt aux belt and water pump invoice totalling £410.00

Due an oil service is booked in to VW to have this done in Jan 2015

Also getting new front section of exhaust system as just started blowing.

Car currently has the standard 14inch alloys fitted for the winter

I also have the following that will be included in the sale if the full asking price is met.

· Set of Lupo GTI bathurts alloys with centre caps currently painted gunmetal grey need refurb (no tires)

· Original suspension (covered 30k)

· Set of Lupo GTI suspension (covered 60k)

· Whiteline rear ARB

Price £ 3650.00 (with all of the above parts)

Would be willing to drop price to £ 3350.00 with the car returned to standard/original suspension and none of the spare parts included. These will then be sold separately.

Would love it to go to member on here ideally

Viewings test drives welcome as long as you have proof of insurance otherwise I will be driving.

Pictures show the car with the Bathurts alloys in black and also with standard silver 14inch alloys which are currently fitted for the winter.

I will let the pictures do the talking




Bathurts Fitted for summer









Winter setup




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considering i paid 5350 in 2005 for my lupo with 24k TDI they hold their value so well

mine is still on its original cluth and battery used daily ever since, now on 167K, brilliant brilliant cars, wish mine was this low mileage

worth every penny IMO will make it back on fuel savings in no time.

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