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  1. Renault Clio turbine alloys for sale. Got these to go on my old lupo but never got round to fitting them. Sold the lupo and theses have been sat in the garage. Nice overall condition have been diamond cut by the previous owner. All centre caps present and bolts but no key. Easy to remove with screw driver/pliers etc. No kerb marks the only real defect/marks are some moisture that's affected the Laquer coating in a few places. Centre caps have a few marks and imperfections also but again still look good. There not perfect but still look really nice. 15x6.5j 4x10
  2. Hi silver Thanks for the reply I have bathurts alloys and they fit my car great no issues running 195 45 r15s just like the look of these am lowered on coilovers and don't want to mess around with fitment etc just pop some tyres on and bolt on no messing. According to the advert they are Et 45 Width 6.5j pcd 4 X 100 No centre bore listed I thought all vw were 57.1? Thanks phil
  3. Can any one confirm if these will fit on a lupo Any help much appreciated Thanks Phil
  4. Can I use the standard Lupo TDI wheel bolts with a set clio turbine alloys? Not sure on the offset guessing there similar to standard vw alloys. Any advice much appreciated Phil
  5. Hi, For sale is my is 2004 Lupo TDI sport this will be available around February 2015 as I am in the process of removing my private number plate. This car has been in my family from new purchased by my grandfather from VW Benfield Newcastle on the 10.09.2004. He owned the car until around 2011 when my brother purchased it from him. I then purchased it from my brother in 2013. This is my 3rd car and to be honest is wasted on me I just don’t do the miles to justify keeping it any longer. Used to drive to work on Monday morning where it is then parked up until the Thursday/Friday as I am an HGV
  6. Hi Dan, I've had my tdi for 2yr now and to be honest I get between 280-340 miles per tank. This is a 10 mile trip to work in the morning and running about town on the weekends etc. On a long run on motorway it's much better for economy but I don't do these often have had 380 miles plus before. Had the major service done on mine last year and old air filter was ruined this has helped a little. My fuel light comes on really early it's easy to get another 50 + miles out of the tank. When I do refill I always struggle to get 30 litres in so there was still around 4 litres of fuel left in the tan
  7. I paid £400.00 at vw main dealer just a few months ago for the following. Cambelt kit water pump auxiliary belt kit On my 1.4 TDI And car was fully washed valerted etc I thought it was a decent price personally Phil
  8. Just to update Fault found exhaust bracket snapped not far from flexi just before the cat. Hopefully get sorted this week.
  9. Ok so my car has been parked up for 3days at work while I have been away. Got in drove home and at 1500 rpm I can hear a different engine sound to normal it's louder but not much but I know it's not right. When I say say engine sound I mean a distinctive change in tone to the norm. Parked up once home turned radio/fans off etc It's definitely slightly noiser sounding while sitting in the car with it just idling. Then I sat in the back and it seems noisier in the back than the front while idling. I can also hear the change in tone while reving past 1500 but then goes to normal. Rev up to red l
  10. Just to update Had the car in the garage today. Wiper motor fine Stalk fine Fuse fine Fault traced to small section of burnt out wire behind dash board. Strange the fuse did not blow however it's all sorted now Cheers Phil
  11. No washers not working either. Whole stalk is not functioning Hopefully get it fixed within the next week. Will update with the outcome. Cheers Phil
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