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Found 6 results

  1. hey guys, I need some help regarding my VW Lupo 3L from 2004. Car's got around 380k km, 1 owner before but didn't care of it properly. Since I have it it drove nice but lately it started messing up on me really bad. I've done some extensive reading on this forum regarding some of the problems and fixes common to the 3L. Briefly, my problem is - if I drive for more than 10-15 minutes in the upper gears (normal drive on highway, 5th gear) when I stop the car fails to change to lower gears. Sometime it gets stuck in 5th or 4th. I stop the car everything goes back to normal. But it does t
  2. Hi guys, Ive just got a set of BBS reps for my lupo and they are wrapped in some stretched tyres but I am unsure as to what the air pressure should be? They are 15x7 wheels with 165/50r15 Nankang tyres. Does the stretch make a difference to the best air pressure? Thanks in advance.
  3. What would be the best pressure, pressure washer to get? im thinking about getting a 110 bar washer as i can find one for a decent price, but is it worth shedding out a little more for a 120 bar?
  4. hi, im new to this forum and could do with some advice with oil pressure. i have a 2002 1.0 lupo. when iv been driving for a while, the oil pressure light seems to start flashing and beeping if i go between 1000 and 2000 rpm, but as soon as i go above 2000 rpm the light goes back out. it only seems to happen when the engine has been running for a while and is propperly hot. i heard that it could be a faulty oil pressure switch, so i have had that changed and it still does it. just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and what is could be? thanks.
  5. with my 1.0 (ALD) lupo when i come out of a roundabout the oil light flickers on i have had the sump and strainer off (found an electrical clip stuck in strainer ) oil is checked regular is always on mark. so where is the oil pressure switch on these little engines i got an oil pressure switch but cant find where it is
  6. Dear all, Can someone please point me in the right direction. Nearly two months ago I changed the oil on my VW Lupo 1.4 16v. Including flushing and filter change. All was great until just about 2 weeks ago my Oil Pressure light started coming on along with the beep! It is always while above 2.5k revs. The car drives great and i have had no other issues with it. I can run the car idle and with no issues and it always seems to be after driving for about 15 mins. If I stop at lights the Oil light will go out after a while and then back on when over 2k revs.!! I have read some of the posts but bei
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