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  1. Hello Club Lupo, Not been on here for a while but I need your help. Quite recently my Lupo 1.4 16v has started making a knocking noise on statup and while driving. The knock does not sound to speed up while driving but can sometimes get louder when in lower gears. I did a full oil change including filter just over 6 months ago. Not had a full service for over 12 months. I have heard that Forte top End could solve this issue but have also heard the flip side saying that it could ruin the tappits. Can you please advise? I will upload a Video shortly.
  2. Oil level is OK yes. Car sounds normal yes, a passenger even commented how quiet it was! The oil I used was ACDelco SAE 5W40 Supreme Plus PL "100% Synthetic".
  3. Dear all, Can someone please point me in the right direction. Nearly two months ago I changed the oil on my VW Lupo 1.4 16v. Including flushing and filter change. All was great until just about 2 weeks ago my Oil Pressure light started coming on along with the beep! It is always while above 2.5k revs. The car drives great and i have had no other issues with it. I can run the car idle and with no issues and it always seems to be after driving for about 15 mins. If I stop at lights the Oil light will go out after a while and then back on when over 2k revs.!! I have read some of the posts but being, how can I put it, better finding my way around a computer than the inside of a car; I would appreciate some advice please? Thank you all
  4. Hello there, Do still have a Headlight and indicator available?
  5. Thanks for the replies, I will check then with my local indie garage, now I have more of an idea what I will be expecting! Thanks.
  6. Can anyone give me any advice? I have a Lupo 1.4 with manual gears. In the past couple of weeks I have noticed my gearbox getting more difficult to change. After starting the car the gears are fairly easy to change but after driving about 10 minutes the gears get harder to change fom one to the other. The reverse is the hardest of them all and sometimes I have to go into neutral, lift the clutch and then change to reverse. Not sure if it is bearings issue, fluid or selector problem!! Please advise.... Many Thanks
  7. Many Thanks dj-jay Thats the badger!!! :0)
  8. Dear all at Club Lupo, I have a 1.4L 16v Lupo and have recently been trying to get my hands on a Haynes type manual for servicing etc. I know Haynes have not done one for the Lupo, due to number of Lupo's sold!! Does anyone know of a decent manual I could get my hands on? I have heard somewhere of a CD you can buy from an online auction but not sure if this is for your full time mechanic! Any help would be great.... Thanks
  9. Its been a long wait but at last I have a car....! 3 months.. ish since my Fiat died on me and by eck am I glad it did as now I have a great Lupo 1.4L. As soon as I saw the car on a reputable car web site! I new it had to be mine..... Here it is..... Not knowing much about Lupo's I am hoping for a lot of help and advice from all you lot on Club Lupo. PS Great Website by the way.
  10. I have a 1.4 Lupo 2001 Y reg. I have just bought it and it is fab but.... The driver door will not lock all the doors. The lock when turned just spins! I can lock all the doors using the passenger door which is good but it just a bit frustrating. Can anyone help me as I am new to VW and Lupos...?
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