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Found 7 results

  1. Have done a search but cant get the answer i need. I want to replace the coolant Temperature Sensor. i need to know where it is... and what is the correct one. A picture would be ideal! like i said i have tried searching but getting nowhere. 2004 1.7 SDI reg: OE04 LLN
  2. 03 GTI, temp sensor has no faults stored, but the gauge on the dash shows the temperature in between 70 and 90, its always sat on 90 or just a smidge below. I changed the temp sensor at the weekend, still does the same. Car runs fine, heater gets hot, thermostat opens as both pipes get hot, fan cuts in when its supposed to, coolant all fine too and up to VW spec. Any ideas? TIA
  3. had to change my thermostat housing to get the thermostat to work properly but ive been getting a warning light since. It occasionally goes away but id like to get rid of the light. I plugged in with vcds and got the code 16500 Engine coolant temp sensor g62: Implausable signal P0116 - 35 - 10 Is there a way I can just delete the light or something? because its been like this for weeks and its not been causing any problems
  4. According to volks world (ssp_223) the t piece allows the 1.4 to warm up to >30ºC whereas the 3L gets up to ~60ºC before returning fuel back to the tank Checking through etka based sites like partsbase.org and partscats.info it comes up with the P/N 038906081B for all of lupos diesel engines and also covers many others Vag models. Does anyone have any idea how there could be two with the same P/N Does anyone know of the alternative that may have been used in the lupo/ A 1.2 3L Thanks Keelan
  5. Hi, a bit of advice please. Just after new year while cleaning my Arosa (2004 1.4s) I noticed the coolant level had dropped below minimum. I've had the car from new and never seen it drop. After a bit of a Google, I suspected there might be a leak so decided to take it into the garage. They investigated, couldn't find a leak, but changed the thermostat and coolant. All was well, but a week later I noticed the temp gauge was not moving on my commute to work (~8 miles mostly on dual carriageway). Some further Googling led me to change the temp sender unit, but I lost some coolant in the process and topped it up. Now the gauge moves up to 70 degrees, but never hits the 90 mark that it has done for the past 10 years. As suggested elsewhere on this forum I've run the engine with the expansion unit top/ filler cap off and the in-car temp whacked up full for 4/5 minutes and the gauge didn't move and the fan on the radiator doesn't seem to come on. Any ideas what the problem might be? Cheers.
  6. So some may remember I had the issue with the car not starting atall and vagcom have me loads of codes and none helped point me in the direction that wires had become loose lol but one of the codes was about the O2 sensor. Now the wirings all fixed and car starts... Usually! If I leave her in the sun and the car heats up the engine won't fire in just turns over, and like last night I can literally be stuck for 3 hours waiting for it to cool down. Also happens of I get fuel for example and when I got to start it back up because its warm it won't start and have to wait for it to cool down again! I had a problem with the oil breather as it was overly clogged and smoking like a trooper, however that's been cleaned out and still having the issue, also the temp gauge is iffy but being a normal lupo fault I've over looked this, if I stop at lights or something ill notice the temp has dropped right to the bottom then ill start driving again and it'll come back up to the middle. I'm waiting to get it plugged in again but may be a few weeks, any ideas? I've been thinking 02 sensor but starting to doubt myself!
  7. thank goodness for archives had problem with engine not starting when hot and engine appeared to be flooding judging by the smell when it did start, then either stalled straightaway or revs raced on their own. so changed plugs air filter etc and was just at the point of going to garage thinking must be fuel injection problem and thats going to be expensive! when found thread re coolant temperature sensor so got one on ebay for 7.50 nothing to lose right? it did the trick amazing!!! and now running much smoother. so would like to say a big thankyou to all members who take the time to post info cheers lindylou
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