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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the head unit in a vw lupo so that it has aux input and Bluetooth connectivity to play music. I have absolutely no knowledge at all in this area and was wondering if somebody could provide some suggestions/recommendations on head units that are good quality. Many Thanks
  2. Hello everyone. I will share to everyone my simple experience with vw lupo and crossovers for speakers. \\ Total work for me - about 4 hours, I guess it is possible to install crossovers within 2 hours if you know where to put them. I have very poorly equipped vw lupo, with just 4 speakers - two mid range speakers in doors and two tweeters in front panel. I use a radio with pioneer mosfet 50w x4 head unit. All the time tweeters tries to sound as loud as possible and mid range spekers starts to work only after the tweeters reach their limits already. For this reason I was shure I need to install crossovers. I found the left door and left tweeter wires slpitting in air vent, however I needed to disassemble half of the front panel, you can try to do all the wiring just by gently pulling out the left air vent, by just taking off the thick insulating tape from the wires. As you can see in picture with wires, speaker wiring in vw lupo is very simple, they just made an u-turn in mid range speaker wire for tweeter and added tweeter wire in the end, this results in the effect, that tweeters and mid range speakers gets the same intensity of music output power from the radio. The left side is actually more easy, you can just cut the wires, clean a bit of insulation material from the ends of all 6 wires, and just connect the crossover. I simply screwed the crossover in the blank space in the bottom of the picture, the left air vent goes above, however I removed top covers to both of these crossovers because of limited space. I can add photo of results if anyone will be interested. The right crossover was more complicated, first you need to remove the headlight switch (turn switch to off possition, press the switch in and turn it clockwise), then you will be able to unscrew a hex bolt, after that just gently pull out the right vent hose. I also removed instrument cluster to make acess to wires more easy, because in the right side you will need to solder some extensions to wires. I screwed the tweeter as you can see in picture, as I said - didnt use the top cover of the crossover because of limited space. Everything goes in the place without any extra transfromations. OEM speakers are not high end, and radio needs to be turned louder after this modification, but the speakers sounds briliantly and thats fine for this car.
  3. Biszmz


    Hello guess I am a new member and I have just got a lupo for my first car was after a little help the interior I am after a new radio and speaker. It not to sure what to go for a while I need to re wire them
  4. just had a 1200 watts sub fitted in the boot, but you've probably guessed it the speakers are crap in the front. so need a recommendation for a good pair of speakers to go in the front. ive also read on this fourm that I may be able to install speakers in the back behind the door cards - any ideas if that's possible on a standard Lupo and what speakers
  5. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the head unit in a vw lupo so that it has aux input and Bluetooth connectivity to play music. I have absolutely no knowledge at all in this area and was wondering if somebody could provide some suggestions/recommendations on head units that are good quality. Many Thanks
  6. Hi guys I'm a complete audio novice so go easy please. I want to upgrade my sound system in my Lupo 1.0. I'm looking at replacing the front speakers for Rainbow DL-X6s. I'm aware I need to get the adapter ring for them to fit. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/rainbow-dl-x6-6-5-coaxial-speakers I'm wanting to put the following sub in the boot- Hertz Energy ES 250D.5. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/hertz-energy-es250d-5 Does anybody have any experience with these? Would you recommend them? If not is there something better out there for similar money? And will this amp be powerful enough to run them? It states it can be ran as a 3 channel system. Hertz HCP 4D http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/hertz-hcp-4d Thanks in advance for in input and advice
  7. Just a quick post.... I was having lots of trouble with water getting in my passenger footwell for ages until I realised the problem... This is a post for everyone else to consider when they are searching for a water leak problem! Basicaly, When the door speakers were mounted to the cars from new, they used rivets and the back of the mooting plates were SEALED to the inside of the door. This prevents the water that is designed to get into the door, coming in the car and simply drains out the holes in the bottom of the door. So when you get your lovely Lupo and someone (the previous owner to mine) has decided to put some s**t aftermarket c**py speakers in instead, make sure you check they're nicely fitted and sealed in some form... Its also not good to use MDF for adaptor plates, as they love water and then your car will be damp... use plastic. Or just get some of the original speakers and fit them, which is what I intend to do! The other benefit of the originals is they had some protection on the back to stop the rear connections going rusty and corroded. Makes me sad that the previous owner also used wood screws to fit his speakers whats wrong with people like that! Hope this helps.
  8. Can the speaker and plastic adapter/ring be split or are they as a whole? Thanks!
  9. What are the best quality speakers to get that will fit in a VW Lupo (that are quite cheap)?
  10. Ok, so I want to replace the standard front door speakers on my 1.4 Lupo and I have a few questions.... 1. What size speakers can I fit in there? 2. Can anyone suggest some speakers from experience? 3. How difficult are they to replace? Thanks from Lewis
  11. I have just recently bought myself a 2003 seat arosa and i am looking to get some new speakers for the front doors i was just wondering what would be the best to get? And i was looking at pioneer ts-g1723i 6.5" speakers and i was wondering if they would fit? Someone please help!!!
  12. hi guys, just bought a lupo a few months back and im in the process of mending everything that is wrong with it before i get it back on the road, im just after abit of advice really, ive rewired the rear speakers as the sound quality was terrible due to frayed cables and bad connections. i didnt find this too difficult but behind the head unit was a mass of connectors, taped connections, just a general mess really, after ive worked through the mess and figured out what he had done with the rats nest thats behind my head unit i turned the ignition on and my battery was totally flat and then when i turned the key back the off position the dials started to shake for a couple of seconds wondered if anybody has heard or seen this happen before? any help would be greatly appreciated cheers
  13. Was just wondering if you can squeeze 6x9s into the lupo at the front (replacing standard doorcards) Anyone tried it ?
  14. My standard arosa speakers in the front door panels need replacing...badly! I've blown them to bits so they just crackle at any level of bass :/ sad times. Anyway...I took the door panel of to check the size and noticed they are riveted...? I've got some new speakers and the adapter ring thing on order but can someone explain how I'm supposed to get the old ones out?! I've seen people say drill it out but how? With a standard drill..? I'm new to all this stuff so any help will be greatly appreciated!
  15. basically recently received my first car a red seat arosa, and i have already started playing with it such as cd changer and 6x9's in parcel shelf. however recently purchased some new speakers for the front and the stocks are imbedded in and was wondering what i have to do to change them?
  16. im looking for an easy way to put speakers in my boot there 16.5 kenwood but i really dont want to rip my carpet up. any other ways to do this please let me know
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