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Found 10 results

  1. I got a 70,000km aluminum door model Lupo GTI. The Lupo had a fault error in the ECU, and a leak from the rear spoiler caused water to collect in the battery pan in the boot room. I used VCDS to clear the error, charge the battery, change the oil, adjust the air pressure and test drive. The drive shaft boots broke, grease splattered, and the engine check lamp turned on again. I identified all the faulty parts of the car and ordered the parts.
  2. I’ve taken out the old release cable, the half that goes into the footwell, and I when I’ve put the new one in I’m left with about 10 inches of extra cable. I have probably routed the cable wrong. Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks
  3. Selling as a whole for spares/repair - not breaking as not possible. Sad to be parting with this Lupo. Front sub frame has damage to it (palm sized hole and rust) advised too expensive to repair. Make: VW Model: Lupo SDI MOT: December 2018 Engine size: 1.7 Fuel type: Diesel Drives well. One lady owner since 2006. Serviced and looked after. Reliable, it has never failed to start. Yellow, 224,000 miles. Recent clutch and tyres. Cam belt 170,000. Rear axle replaced April 2014. Both door locks have failed. Damage to frame is the reason for sale. Location: Cornwall Price: £300 ono.
  4. Hi guys. I'm new to the forum and am pretty useless with knowing how to mod a car. I drive an 18 year lupo 1.0l and she's a dream. She has some pretty decent denting to the left front wheel arch that's been partially pulled out but was wondering would a body kit replace that panel? If not, what would and suggestions please? She's in the fantasia green colour
  5. As the title says, had some fat tw4t jump onto my bonnet when it was parked overnight and its left a huge dent in the centre of the bonnet. I was planning on taking it off using boiling water and trying to pop it back out but I wanted to ask here first if there might be a better way? Would folding some dust sheets up over the engine cover and closing the bonnet onto that be a viable option?
  6. Hi there, There is a VW Lupo with an automatic (electronic) transmission (like this on the site 22). The transmission was repaired, & there are 6 pieces of wires & there are 6 connectors on the gearbox. Here i uploaded a picture about this. The wires are: the nr. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. My question is, how can i identify, what wire belongs to what connector on the gearbox? I find this info nowhere in the service manuals. The wire nr. 4 & 5 are blue & red. What colour is the upper & what is the lower? & how can i identify the wires nr. 6,7,8,9 & for what connector belongs these on the gearbox? Thanks for the help, best regards!
  7. I had a little bump at about 5mph the other day, and now the front bumper on the passenger side has been pushed out abit nothing major just about 5-10 mm and the plastic trim that holds the indicators on the front has been pushed out I think. So basically does anyone know how to fix this with out taking it to the body shop?
  8. As it says in the title, im looking for a decent bodyshop to get a dent removed from the drivers side door sill, various other dents removed, a full respray in its original colour and a spoiler repaired, painted and fitted. Im located in Morpeth, so ideally id like it to be somewhere close like Ashington-Blyth sort of area but as long as its not too far.
  9. So my lupo had a dent in the front wing, i got a new wing the "same" colour, however, due to the wing being sprayed that color recently, and the paint on the rest of the car being 13 years old and by the looks of things never waxed and polished by the previous owner, the new wing is slightly off from the faded paint. Alot of people cant notice it until i point it out but its doibg my head in, anyone know the best way to fix this without a full respray, either bringing the old paint back to life? Or somehow fading the new paint? If not im just gonna stickerbomb the s**t out of that wing lmao. Thanks
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