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Found 9 results

  1. The original spoiler on my 2006 Gti (ex-Japan) was badly bubbled when I bought the car in 2018. Eventually, I tried to resolve the situation by replacing with a new genuine factory spoiler, and had it painted by a bodyshop which I know to be competent. However, within one year I noticed some micro-blistering on the spoiler and, along with some other cosmetic work, the bodyshop has just re-done it . . . and even only a day or two later, I've got micro- blisters again. I've enquired again about the possibility of wrapping the spoiler, but the prospects are not good, and exact match with L041 is not feasible. A couple of people now have contended that the problem will always recur if new paint is oven dried. Does anyone here have experience please of success with air drying? Many thanks.
  2. Hi I'm a bit lost on what I should do with my car I got ideas but my combination is not very good. Below is pic of car the wheels are getting done soon. But the main. Problem is not money or time just imagination is not very good. All ideas are welcome
  3. As it says in the title, im looking for a decent bodyshop to get a dent removed from the drivers side door sill, various other dents removed, a full respray in its original colour and a spoiler repaired, painted and fitted. Im located in Morpeth, so ideally id like it to be somewhere close like Ashington-Blyth sort of area but as long as its not too far.
  4. So my lupo had a dent in the front wing, i got a new wing the "same" colour, however, due to the wing being sprayed that color recently, and the paint on the rest of the car being 13 years old and by the looks of things never waxed and polished by the previous owner, the new wing is slightly off from the faded paint. Alot of people cant notice it until i point it out but its doibg my head in, anyone know the best way to fix this without a full respray, either bringing the old paint back to life? Or somehow fading the new paint? If not im just gonna stickerbomb the s**t out of that wing lmao. Thanks
  5. Hi There! I was wondering if anyone knew what products to use when repainting/ marking the sterring wheel badge. I bought the car in april and the badge was scratched around the chrome VW emblum. So considering my car is yellow i wanted to know if i could get a yellow paint or pen to cover it. Thanks! Joele
  6. Is this possible? because i havent seen it done before. Is there anywhere to paint, because it looks like it is all the reflector. If anyone out there has painted them, post pictures please because im curious as to how this would be done Cheers.
  7. Can anyone wrap cars in vinyl? going to have ago at doing it myself with a mate was wondering if any fellow clublupo members would be able to shed some light on the idea or maybe lend a hand
  8. Hello (First picture upload, hope it works) The lupo started out with standard rear seats but I decided to do something a little different First with was get some MDF and have a play ... After planning for HOURs my dad finally had an idea of half a 45 gallon drum and we ended up with this! Then it proceeded to.... And now we had to decided where everthing went so... Now we knew we had something we fitted it up ready for paint... First we had to remound and fill all the kit because the kid who had it previous had scraped it and wrecked it in my eyes We did our own thing regardless of what other people thought weather it was DUB or not... After weeks of stressing and arguing with my dad (he did most of it not going to lie) it started to come together... WHAT A DIFFERENCE! There she is all finished I hope you liked the photos and I know it won't float some peoples boat but it just shows you how a lot of hard work can pay off. Thanks for your time. James
  9. memousey


    is there anyone round hull thats any good at painting i feeling abit of graffiti on my car!! but not sure ha
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