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Found 12 results

  1. My lupo has sounded rough for a while. Last night the check engine light came on. Today I had someone hook up a diagnostics unit and he said it was the exhaust manifold, probably due to the cars age (54 plate.) So how bad is this, how easy is it to fix, do I need a new manifold and will this damage the engine. Also I posted previously that the car burrs as I slow down after I press the clutch. It seems to be doing it more, could these issues be related. The car seems to vibrate more as well. Tia.
  2. Does anyone know the outer or the inner diameter of the primaries and the secondaries for a Raceland 4-2-1 manifold for AFH/AFK? Or do you have one at your disposal to measure it? I would very much appreciate it!! I want to build a replica from stainless for an AUB in a newer Polo and the maths gave me some dimensions and i would very much like to compare those with a genuine Raceland. I would buy a Raceland but I live in an aera where the shipping costs almost as much as the mani and in this case it's easier and cheaper for me to build one. Thanks in advance!
  3. Looking for a few parts for my GTI, after trying my luck on the Facebook group but nobody seems to be able to help. - Lower Passenger GTI doorcard - Decat Manifold - Stainless Exhaust system - Leather Interior - GTI Gearknob Money waiting, will highly appreciate any responses. Cheers.
  4. Hi There I am looking about purchasing a Ashley 4-1 exhaust manifold but i was wondering if this would make much difference to a 1.4 lupo and if so, how noticable is it?
  5. After nearly a year of owning my Loop, I have only just clocked that most other Gti's have two catalytic converters on them and mine only has one, attached to the manifold, yet the sensor part way down the mid section is still in place and the pipe seems to be OEM ? Any ideas , I'm assuming that someone has removed it , will this cause an emissions test failure ?
  6. Hi, im having trouble with my lupo, its hunting in idle with the revs going up and down between 700 - 1500, this has been the case for about a month or 2 now but today another problem has occured. its not revving propperly, everytime i change gear the revs climb stupidly slow with my foot to the floor until about 3-3.5k and then suddenly it kicks in and i speed off (if thats possible in a 1.0) and when pulling off ive had to redline it to stop it from stalling, i stalled 7 times on my 3 mile journey back from work i have read a few posts with similar problems and various attempts and fails at fixing them but there all old, anybody have any light on what will be the definitive cause of this and how to fix it. Also its blowing somewhere near the manifold which a friend of mine thinks may be a split flexipipe but this has only happened the last couple of days and the hunting in idle has been happening alot longer, could the 2 issues be connected? Please help with this, ive heard some people spend around £500 trying to solve this problem and having no luck and if thats going to be the case id be better off selling it but i dont want to see linda go.
  7. Hi, found this on ebay, it's a 6n2 gti inlet manifold with injectors, wiring and fuel pressure regulator. I was wondering if this would fit onto my 1.4 75bhp, if so could i use the injectors and wiring which come with it and if it would what throttle body could i use with it (has to be DBW).
  8. Have had a quick look round about de cating my lupo sport and have heard something about a cat and pre cat? One being under the car the other being in the manifold, can someone please clear things up as I would like to de cat it but if it's in the manifold I don't have £££'s to get a de cat manifold or if it's under the car then is it possible to get a de cat section made? Any help would be great, thanks!
  9. After some trawling haven't found a great answer, Will a polo gti inlet manifold (ajv) fit a 1.4 (aua). Main reason I ask a friend has one for sale and I've gathered they help mid range a little so thought it was worth a go to kill the curiosity By the way the ajv is a 6n
  10. hi there. Gti Dials with Binnicle, really good condition no scratches.... the lip and inner of the binnicle are wrapped in carbon fiber. looking for £120 POSTED. £110 COLLECTED. Raceland Manifold for lupo sport or gti. great condition... taken of due to insurance reasons. £120 posted £100 Collected. Audio. i have 1 fully active Fli trap sub. its a 1000watt and has a inbuilt amp. its 12 inch and is nearly brand new. £60. also i pionner 800 watt sub in a custom box which fits snug in the lupo boot... top quality sub...£60 Fusion 900watt amp... also very good amp.. and only been used for around a week... £60 reason for sale on audio is have a active sub now and these are just in the way.... il upload pics later when i have some.. pm me for any info. cheers Douggie.
  11. After much thought about exactly how much power I want from my loop I decided.. I want lots more!! So the small power increses have got to be flogged to fund the next idea! Here I have a Polo 16v afh inlet manifold and throttle body, both in excellent condition with no running/ idle issues (common with these throttle bodies!) I include the fuel rail, injectors & fuel pressure regultor all working 100% and quite important to run along side with. Direct bolt on replacement for 16v lupo as a performance enhancement, easy to fit, I done it and I'm female and self taught! Noticable power gain, will be a more effecient gain if once fitted, having the vehicle then remapped
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