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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all! Been browsing the Club Lupo forum for a couple of weeks now and decided to make an account since I'm going to look at and hopefully buy an Arosa this weekend. Has anyone here used Ingenie Blackbox insurance? or Ingenie insurance in general? They've gave me a great quote compared to what I've previously got and wondered if they're a decent company? How much over the speed limit can you go before you're penalised? Some black boxes let you go 30mph over but it looks like Ingenie is quite harsh with it, not sure though that's why i'm asking. Also, anything else I should know about Lupo's/Arosa's before I go to view one? Anything I should look out for? I'm not a mechanic but I'd like to say i'm pretty car knowledgeable for an IT Student haha Driving and cars are my motivation in life tbh, been a 'petrolhead' since very young. In case anyone's curious: Quote from Ingenie was £1,090 and my previous quote was £1,306. The car i'm going to view is a 2004 Arosa S.
  2. Bing

    Hi from Luton

    Hello fellow VW owners, this is my first post so not sure if I'm doing this right! I bought myself a 2001 Lupo S 1.4 75bhp around xmas time 2014 and never realised there was an owners club for it. It's my first car and was the cheapest car to insure for me (still cost me £1800 to insure it with a telematics black box) so still not cheap! Love the car to bits even though it needs some bodywork (I'll post pics if you guys wanna see) and I think its got an ECU fault and it makes a weird gargling/murmuring/chugging sound when you start and idle it when its cold. Apart from that it runs a treat! Hope to meet the regulars and get stuck in! Kasim
  3. So I took out insurance with Autosaint and declared that I have aftermarket alloys, and explained they are 15x7 and 15x8 and they said they would insure it but it would cost more so I then agreed and paid the extra. 12 days down the line a mechanic came to fit a black box and then took some photos of the wheel and the rest of the car, sent the to the insurance company and then informed me that they refused to insure them! They are now telling me I have put wheel spacers on them, which I haven't and not declared it! So I'm unsure as to what to do!
  4. Ok so I'm 17, 18 in a few weeks and I'm thinking of buying a lupo as my 1st car. I want to lower it, would you recommend coilovers? Also has anyone around my age done this because I want to know what effect it has on insurance.
  5. I thought my experience with my insurance could possibly help some out there, so this is about the dreaded 'black box'.. I passed my driving test 3 months ago, and have a seat arosa, 1.0. All my insurance quotes for 3rd party fire and theft was £1500+ ... Finally called axa and they offered me the box, and with this I got fully comp, all the cover ever needed, and for £1060... So after really not wanting the box, I went for it. The installation was free, and didn't get put in, till 2 months after my cover start date, and in the last month, I got 94%, in the breakdown, I got 100% on pace, and was in the 90's on the rest... So for my first year insurance, (being 20 and female) and starting my own policy. I think the box is a great idea... If it's mega savings, then go for it! But would really say, it's great for us new drivers! And to get 10% of money back, the overall score needs to be 77%+... Hope this may help! Also, I declared my alloys I put on the car recently, and didnt cost me a penny. Fair enough, I was only allowed to go 2inch smaller or bigger, but I was only going for 14" to 15". So had no trouble at all!
  6. I have a normal policy with elephant insurance and i phoned them to ask about adding coilovers to my policy and i was told no for no specific reason. So was just wondering if anyone on here was with them and has been able to cover things like coilovers with them? Cheer
  7. suggested companies that wont hit you with quotes that are ten times your car? no sticker bomb comments or read the other topics starting a fresh one for the young feeble drivers haha jk
  8. Evening, I have a gentleman asking about the alarm system for the purpose of getting cover on his insurance. Could someone confirm the alarm spec? Is it anything more than just a factory fitted alarm and engine immobiliser? I assume its not thatcham standard? Sam
  9. yeah i've passed my test and also done the pass plus but my insurance is so high i've tryed everything to get it down, anyone got any tips to get it cheap?
  10. I'm taking my lessons and I have a 1.0l lupo se. I've been trying to get quotes for once I've passed and they all come to around £4000, Third Party Fire & Theft as well. My mum and dad have told me I can get insured with i-Kube for £2000, except I can't drive between 11pm-5am. I don't find this too much of a problem because it will work out cheaper in the long run. I was just wondering if anyone knew if they allowed mods?
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