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  1. Naomi there a place at eckington Jh pro paint just had my whole front end painted for z550 which induced smoothed plate and smoothing lower half as well as rolling archers they will be able to sort it for you ps I'm just in Sheffield
  2. No unless your car is German they are not, he may get pulled depending how bored the traffic coppers are I've just got some pressed plates metal ones which are the correct size and font off eBay had them a year now not one problem never been pulled
  3. Why so you need that lot have you crashed the car ?
  4. What have you had to do with the looms pal
  5. Sorry to hijack Mitch how did you do the wiper conversion to like the seat Leon's ?
  6. Chris where in Sheffield do you live never seen your car ? I have a white lupo
  7. Well I sprayed the door card and the material and stated in the deepest part and worked out wards once it was fully down and happy I cut the extra that over lapped and glued it on the bag . Now get one of those vacuum storage bags and put the whole door card inside and then suck the air out which will removed any air pockets and hopefully press the material fully into the shape of the door card
  8. Hi not been on the forum for months , ! Got fed up of abuse towards my **** posts I've used leatherette from dun helm mills. Probably the same as you are using I wouldn't use the same peace again as any lumps show up and look dirty one of mine is covered in them ! Bleghhhh once you have the material fully glued and pulled over the edges the best thing I thought of doing whilst it sets is using a vacuum bag and putting the door card inside and sucking the air out
  9. Best to buy 100% clean stuff from Costco and as said its tax free up to 2000 -2500 litres . It generally works better in older cars rather than newer ones with more complicated diesel injection systems . Wouldn't even bother with used vegetable oil as its dirty as even if it has been filtered the temperature has altered it . My dad used to use a high % of vegetable oil to diesel throughout the year with no problem . As for the potential issues with ignition is just generally down to cetane numbers and the requirement for the fuel to auto ignite under pressure
  10. Well there then that's where I've seen your car
  11. Sure it was yours just off east bank road in Sheffield
  12. As far as I know I've only ever seen a non Gti rear quarter and the sills will be bonded on so not like you can remove without breaking , vw is probably only option
  13. The rear covers are a ten minute job to remove the fronts are different . I'm at Sheffield if you want to come round I've got a valet hover machine or if you pay my petrol ill come and do them at your house .
  14. Can't say I've seen it rich ! I can write the full guid on he base seats ! Ill be bck on in two days
  15. It's going well just the guide isn't as me posting photos and typing keeps refreshing and not saving . I shall wait seeing as you've complained and type it on the computer
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