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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, As the title says, I'm trying to source some new headlight washer ends and caps. Anyone know where to buy them? I've scourged the interwebs and have had no luck. I'm after parts 1 & 2 as mine have been knackered for a long time. If unable to get new ones, I'll attempt to repair mine but would rather avoid this. I've attmepted German eBay however I feel there is some translations issues with Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I Bought some GTI headlights made to fit 1.0, they’ve been working fine for months and not got the problem with them turning off on their selves sometimes it’s just the left light and then sometimes it’s both when the lights turn off I have to turn them off and back on multiple times and they will come back on and if that doesn’t work I have to turn the car off and back on and they light up again. When the lights turn off the side lights sometimes stay on but really dim. Also when the lights turn off you can no longer hear the switches inside the lights clicking when going from low beam to high beam. I have checked the wiring inside the lights they seem fine , the pins inside the connectors had abit of corrosion but I have cleaned them up. Just to mention it only has a cheap £30 ballast, don’t know if that has to do with anything. any help is appreciated, TIA
  3. Hello Im searching for a headlight cover - right side, part n. 6E0 941 608. It's n. 5 on the picture. Does anyone have one? or a damage headlight with the cover intact? Thanks
  4. The drivers side headlight and brakelight bulbs have gone and I wondered if there was a guide to changing them. I took a look at the Lupo headlight and there isn't much room there, and I can't see how to easily get to the bulb. I looked on here and there is a lot of talk of GTI and xenon, but that isn't really relevant to me. Is this something I can do? Do I need to unscrew the headlight to get to the bulb? How about for the brake light?
  5. hi there in order to change the xenon bulb on a Lupo GTI does the bumper have to come off? or is possible without removing it -thanks
  6. Hello everyone, I am looking for over 2 months now to purchase the left xenon headlight, but for some reason is so difficult to find even brand new. If someone have a left xenon headlight for sale please let me know. If sold only in pairs I will be happy to purchase both. I am looking only for very good condition headlights! Thank you in advance. PS: Thank you for all forum members for the valuable info shared on here for other Lupo GTI enthusiasts like myself.
  7. Okay so tonight I put my deposit down on this sweet little green 1.4 Lupo Sport, 84k on the clock, a few scratches but rad for a first car. For a first car, yes being 20 and only just getting his first car, laugh it up! I have a good few plans for her, first being cleaned and cleaned again, then slammed....as you do.... Already have done a mock up of what i want the dash to look like.... hope to chat soon! Alex
  8. So the dipped beam lights have always flickered. Finally decided to sort it and just wondered if anyone has any experience with the Xenons and the components that could likely be the cause. There's no pinkish tinge and also the lights shine brightly then get dimmer as time passes. They also get Brighter when indicating or breaking. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Matt
  9. Hey guys, Hope you are all well Tried removing the headlight surround today so I could change the headlights, but the small white clips at the far ends snapped (as seen in the picture below) Just wondering where I might be able to get some spare / replacement clips from and if anyone could point me in the right direction please And while we are here, Could someone please explain the correct method of removing this headlight surround / grill trim please? Just so I dont snap bits up next time, Would be much appreciated! Many Thanks
  10. Bought it for £130 and they won't accept a return after me not needing it. It's brand new in the box. Open to offers but need the money!
  11. Hi everyone! I'm looking to upgrading the lights on my 1.0L lupo to gti lights. Is this just a simple swap over and plug them in? Cheers
  12. Hi all, perfect weather for driving! (if i had air con), MOT coming up and my headlights have started playing up, have changed bulbs but still having problem. Side lights and dipped headlights work fine but main beam will not work on drivers side, any ideas as i have changed bulb and it is not that simple sadly cheers in advance, Mike
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone had put yellow laminex over the front headlights on a pastel blue Lupo, I'm not sure if it will match? Pictures anyone? Cheers
  14. Just seen these and would be interested to know who make them because ive never seen arosa Mk1 aftermarket headlights
  15. Does anyone know if any other headlights will fit on the arosa?! I want to have angel eyes but I will need to take apart my headlight to do it. I just wanted to buy a cheap light to test it before I do it on mine?! Any ideas?
  16. Might be a stupid question but does anyone know if mark 3 Ibiza headlights will fit my mark 2 arosa? just mine are dimpled to high heaven and the ibiza are more common.
  17. Headlight tinting is illegal, isnt it? so if i was to buy some bulbs which were also 'illegal' would this cancel out the effect of the tint? or would i just get done twice as hard also, out of curiosity, does anyone know the brightest road legal white/blue H4 bulbs knocking around? might just treat myself to a new pair Cheers
  18. Is this possible? because i havent seen it done before. Is there anywhere to paint, because it looks like it is all the reflector. If anyone out there has painted them, post pictures please because im curious as to how this would be done Cheers.
  19. im having some trouble with my head lights on my VW lupo. the dipped beams are not working and i have had 2 brand new bulbs put in but still not working but yet full beam work. what is the problem with my lights?
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