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Found 6 results

  1. Hi first post. I got my first car a few months back. Bought it cheap to learn to drive in. One problem is the exterior locks on both doors are falling out. As you can see i can bang them back in but someone could easily pull them out and walk off with them at the moment ? Anyone know a quick cheap fix that will get them more secure?
  2. Hello fellas, I recently bought a 1.4 Lupo left hand drive and I've never heard an alert when I leave the lights on when doors open/key out of the ignition The inside roof light works as meant to be (turns on when key out of the ignition or any door open) but no alert is played when I leave mediums/presence light/maximums ON with ignition OFF/no key on it Any idea how to fix this? Since I have no idea if this has anything to do with the fuses, I'll post 2 pics of the fuse box (also, tell me if something is missing please) Thanks in advance!
  3. as i no longer have my lupo various parts are now for sale as follows set of 4 bbs solitude 15 inch tyres us set of 4 195 45 15 tyres all good tread approx 5mm set of front doors dragon green complete set of front doors black rh front door in black bare rear tailgate flash red rear tailgate black off of gti gti top spoiler inc brake light set of golf mk1 gti alloys trantula's ???? lupo body kit, front spoiler and side skirts tdi sport wheels set of 4 genuine lupo dog guard front panel complete with indicators one in red one in black set of golf gti recaroes front and back from a three door red inserts set of 4 seven spoke genuine vw wheels complete with center caps came from a very early passat gt, kandn style filter for sdi or tdi rear lights front lights 2 front lupo gti seats approx 40k miles battery tray wheel trays new genuine vw lupo air guides for front brakes complete new clutch kit for sdi lupo 190 mm if i find anything else will add to list located bedfordshire, will post small stuff but the bigger stuff will either be pick up or send a courier, pictures can be supplied on request
  4. Hi So I have a 2000 lupo and I was wondering if anyone has swapped the doors for lupo gti doors and if it is just a simple swap.
  5. Hello again all. Few random generic questions that may or may not need to go into separate threads. 52 GTi Raven Blue 104k (demonstrator ) 1. Knocks coming from the back. Fairly quiet constant knocking noises, no big bangs over big bumps like normal bush failure, but same noises I would normally put down to bushes. Are they well known for needing bushes? 2. Grinding noise that seems to be unrelated to anything else. Still can't work out what it is, coming from engine bay, over the course of about 3 or 4 seconds it's a high-pitched grinding noise that fades in and fades out. Can't make it do it with any of my own actions. Clutch may be nearing the end of its life, or maybe PAS pump (or are these electric racks?), spose that only leaves alternator or air-con compressor. Anyone had this? 3. The double-DIN OEM VAG stereo is about to have it. CDs skip but the radio has always been really poor for reception. So: 3.a. Has anyone had the roof aerial become high resistance or dodgy in other way, or had this reception problem? 3.b. Has anyone had any trouble fitting a standard aftermarket double-DIN e.g. Pioneer stereo in? 4. Door strap squeaking. I've heard this is a recall / warranty issue? Or should I just grease it? Thanks. That's very wordy, so here's a pic.
  6. hi all i was just wondering how to get the locks out of the door as they are both jammed and wont unlock, has anyone had any problems like this before? Thanks, James
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