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  1. Hello all. Let's start from the very beginning. So I bought my Lupo GTI just under 3 years ago now - 28th June 2014 to be precise. I originally bought the car with every intention of making it a road going show car, after attending various local/nationwide shows with a select group of friends. The level of attention to detail of some of these cars was second to none and it was really quite inspiring to see first hand for myself. Growing up in the North West of England (Wigan) I was lucky to be exposed to a large variety of different automotive cultures. Be it everything from Japanese, German, VAG to Classic, High Performance and Concourse show cars. I started driving early 2012 and despite much controversy my first car was a 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa D (Unlimited Edition) . However after 2 years of ownership in 2014 I decided it was time for a change. I had recently gained employment at Jaguar Land Rover - Halewood and my insurance started to dip a little. It was then I set out on the hunt for a car to tick a few boxes. I wanted something fun, nimble, fast but at the same time something that wasn't going to break the bank insurance/fuel wise. After weeks of what seemed like endless searching I fell in love with a Black Lupo GTI I had found on AutoTrader. The owner, a 56 year old lady from Rugby, Warwickshire. The car itself was absolutely perfect (Black, 6 Speed, Low mileage 64K, FSH, Completely standard and unmolested). It was everything I was looking for.
  2. Hi guys, thought id start a thread to keep my Lupo updated on here even though it looks like the website had died a bit I will keep this updated with most modifications I will do to the car. Brought the car back in October 2015 without a license and haven't drove it just yet on my own as test is in October. Only just really got round to giving it a good clean and tidy up all round. Car was a bit of a mess and did smell like **** inside. First thing changed the headunit and fixed broken door cards. And gave the enterior a good clean and wet hoovered the seats and roof liner, this pretty much brought the inside back to new just small broken things like door check strap and winders which have now been replaced. Next was wheels and needed a change from trims as I lost 1 taking a speed bump a bit too quick for my Lupo. Found a set of Dotz alloys on eBay for £100 and had to go and see them. Lucky me they all had new tires on and not too bad condition. Fitted these and now rubbing when turning due to a broken wheel arch liner sticking out and hitting on full lock. After this I left the the car for a few months as slighty lost interest with driving. About a month ago I needed to update the car and do something with it so I brought pretty much everything I'm going to need for fixing and repairs. A proper jack and stands and all the tools I could possibly need and can't forget coilies and 25mm spacers. Spacers are currently fitted and while doing this I have scrubbed the arches clean from all the mud that was lodged around the arch and wire brushed the breaks. Did an oil change and filter replacement. Cars oil looked like it hadn't been changed all its life and was very dark and filled with bits and crud. Oil filter was also locked on which was a 30 min job turned 2 hours. Yesterday must have given the car the deepest clean of its life got pretty much every bit of dirt off the exterior and gave a good 2hr Polish bringing the paint back to a deep shiny black. Car is in serious need of a clay bar as tree sap has took over the roof and bumpers. Coilies will be next and then looking to black out the interior. tldr. Restoring the car.
  3. -EDIT- I have just noticed Flickr has decided to fail with my pictures, so here is my Flickr photostream, all pictures are on there. -EDIT- So im planning on starting this install thread and maintaining it.. but im a bit of a lazy sod so i apologise if if it goes to pot I've ripped out my old install which was done on a bit of a budget, it consisted of 2 10" Fli subs taken out of a FliTrap 1600W and the loaded 500 amp to go with it as well as 2 Audiobahn 12" ran off an Inphase 4ch amp, i cant really remember all of the details because i put it in quite a while ago. Here it is: Here is the new stuff thats going in.. eventually: Consists of (pictured): Sundown SAZ-1500D amp Focal PS-165 Component speakers Stinger 14AWG Speaker wire 5L Fiberglass kit 5L Contact adhesive Paint + lacquer kit Non-Pictured: KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 12 Gauge Speaker Wire Alpine MRX-F35 Phonocar 4/927 Rain Stop KnuKonceptz KCA Complete 4 Gauge amp installation kit 2x Sundown SA-12 Already fitted: Alpine CDE-135BT Head unit XS Power D1200 AGM Battery 'The Big 3' Upgrade with black KnuKonceptz 0AWG Valeo 108a Passat alternator - http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/94682-180a-alternator-fitted/ KnuKonceptz 0AWG cable KnuKonceptz Krystal Kable 2 Channel 5M Twisted Pair RCA Cable I've probably missed some stuff out but ill update when i remember.
  4. Hi all, I've recently purchased a lupo GTI! Love it to bits already! I've made a start on my boot build today and was just wanting to create a post to show people how I've got on and maybe if anyone could suggest anything So I've ordered 2x Rockford forsgate 8" subs to go in the boot My box dimensions are as follows; (these dimensions are not set in stone yet I'm waiting on the subs to be delivered first) 800 x 300 base 764 x 264 top 800 x 171 front & back x2 264 x 171 sides x2 I will the lay a false floor on top of the box all nicely trimmed and lit up with clear view of the subs Only got round to cutting the wood today
  5. Hi everyone been on here since July, but only just got round to making one of these So her name is Linda. shes a T-reg('99) 1.0L in Soft Blue I bought the car for £900, so a good price tbh only downfall was there isnt any power steering (doesnt bother me too much though) Couple of mods already lowered on 40mm springs (bought it that way) debaged 'Lupo' on the back few stickers rear badge 'was' sticker bombed, but that went wrong, so its now sprayed black, but its rubbish lol crappy aftermarket Headunit from my mums old rover. Haha Oh, did have steelies on it (as seen in pics below) but now on 13" lupo alloys To do list: Its my birthday next Sunday, so with the birthday money im getting Coilovers colour code front & rear lower bumpers (Not doing this now) remove a couple of the crappy stickers (got a PVW & CL sticker to replace) hopefully get a set of BBS RZ's at some point. (Got another set, read on to see what) Exhaust. probably just DIY the standard I.C.E... Door speakers, Headunit, Sub.(bought sub but then sold it again) thats all i can think of at the min but thats what im planning on over the next few months. Few Pics: (sorry their huge) and that the car is dirty )) These pics are a couple of months old, i will get some more recent one soon!!! thanks for looking, let me know what you think. Cheers, Jamie.
  6. mpiloop

    Silly 1.0L

    So I've got a 1.0l lupo and being a mechanic and enthusiastic tinkerer, I feel the need to push it to its limits, and before people start saying but a gti or buy a 1.4 or engine convert it the point of this is to have fun an try to push the boundaries of this way to practice 1.0L. Any ideas would be great as to what to do. I've already gone for the standard of lowering and banded steels, however im feeling some forced induction coming along and feel that a supercharger is the better way to go for this, as turbo converting it may be stupid, I have access to a fabrications workshop and body-shop as well as a massive garage the only restriction is money here and our imagination so please chip in with some ideas guys lets see how much fun we can have!
  7. well this is the humble beginning of another one of my projects. i am planning to drop a Black bird engine into my Lupo (hence the name ) this will be the first time i run a blog along side the build so bare with me please as my spelling and use of punctuation ahhh she's not so good hey lol('',) also i may not be able to answer all or any of your question for a few days at a time but i will try to get back to you asap and yes i will be doing full drawings of any fab work and wiring diagram as and when i get to that part of the build this all got started as a couple of my friends from work happen to own a company that convert mini's to FF R1 mini's you guys might have herd of them there called Promotive here is there WP link http://www.pro-motive.co.uk/ i was telling them i wanted to do a conversion on the lupo as it's just sat in my garage taking up space and i was looking at doing 1.8 20v turbo conversion. but after looking into how much time money and tooling i was going to need they convinced me this was the way to go. (guess we will see ) so this is the start of it all hope you guys enjoy it cheers clint
  8. So, we at Dirty Stancing and Garage Midnight acquired a block, in quite a sorry state, and I have taken it upon myself to make it not a sorry state. This little block has quite the lovely story behind it. Starting life in a very good friend of ours' Lupo, a Mr Robin Marriott. After serving its time in his little show stunner it had taken to having a bit of a smoke, so he stripped it out and was planning on re building it. In the mean time fitting a new, non smoky engine to his Lupo. This meant that this poor block sat on an engine stand never to be touched again... until Levi bought it, and put it in his garage... where it also didn't get much attention... and then we got our FILTHY hands on it. it a bit of a state I must admit... once we had had a good long think about what to do with it, still undecided, we stuffed it on the engine stand and started to deconstruct. things dont happen all that fast here... easily distracted, and like i said, we weren't sure where we were going with this so it was really for me to learn what can be done. Having never worked on an engine before, its all new to me, so its a learning curve. Got most of the front end off and started to clean this DUTeeeyyyy thing up. and the sump off and demucked! couple of bits bought whilst i had the cash moneys sitting there so its pretty much ready for the next few bits. Next on the agenda is get these valves out and have a go at porting and polishing this head. got loads of room to play with with these new gaskets and then we are going to fab a manifold to fit that so we can go wild! Then all there is to think about is cams, lightened flywheel and carbs, which is the decision we have come to for this build. The point/plan of this build is for me to learn, so there will be no sending it off for others to do. EVERYthing is going to (hopefully) be done inside the confines of Culo Diablo/Dirty Stancing/Garage Midnight. (which you can follow as individual hashtags on instagram) hoping to get around 160bhp from it, but to be honest like ive said, its just to have a go really. i'll update when anything new happens Safe x
  9. Okay so I decided to take some pictures through the process of my discreet boot build. Push seats forward and remove boot liner... Insert 2 pieces of timber for false floor struts... Use silicone to secure the struts in as they hold it very strong but is also cleanly removable by force if needed (useful if restoring car back to original spec.) Place boot liner on a piece of 12mm MDF. Use this rather than plywood as it is dense and cusions sound frequency better. Alterations must be made to the template, If you just draw round the liner it will not fit* Use a jigsaw/coping saw or other various woodworking tools to cut out your base... Once base is cut out, measure to the centre using a steel rule or other straight edge. Mark out a circle using compass for the sub woofer to be mounted in... Test fit your base then finish in desired material. I decided to trim mine in Red leatherette Will upload rest of the build pictures tomorrow along with finished product pictures. If you are wanting one of these but do not want the hastle of making your own i can supply them for... £30.00 - plain cut MDF base. £40.00 - Carpet, Black/Grey. £45.00 - Leatherette colour of your choice.
  10. Was just wondering if you can squeeze 6x9s into the lupo at the front (replacing standard doorcards) Anyone tried it ?
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