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Found 13 results

  1. I'm going to be running a 1500w rms - 3000w peak amp, I've already upgraded the battery and done 'the big 3' but I'm lacking power on my current system which is only about 2000w peak. Which alternators would fit a 1.4 8v arosa, I believe it has an akk engine but I can't check right now as I'm at work. I've heard the 180A passat alternator fits, but id rather someone confirmed it before I go blasting my money
  2. Hi guys I'm a complete audio novice so go easy please. I want to upgrade my sound system in my Lupo 1.0. I'm looking at replacing the front speakers for Rainbow DL-X6s. I'm aware I need to get the adapter ring for them to fit. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/rainbow-dl-x6-6-5-coaxial-speakers I'm wanting to put the following sub in the boot- Hertz Energy ES 250D.5. http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/hertz-energy-es250d-5 Does anybody have any experience with these? Would you recommend them? If not is there something better out there for similar money? And will this amp be powerful enough to run them? It states it can be ran as a 3 channel system. Hertz HCP 4D http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/hertz-hcp-4d Thanks in advance for in input and advice
  3. Hi all, can anyone give us some advice on what Subs and Amps sound the dogs ****? Wanna make me Lupo proper funky so we can rave our tits off. Cheers, Luke
  4. Hi all, does anyone know if installing a couple of subs and an amp is difficult with the wiring etc as I want some for my Lupo. Cheers, Luke
  5. -EDIT- I have just noticed Flickr has decided to fail with my pictures, so here is my Flickr photostream, all pictures are on there. -EDIT- So im planning on starting this install thread and maintaining it.. but im a bit of a lazy sod so i apologise if if it goes to pot I've ripped out my old install which was done on a bit of a budget, it consisted of 2 10" Fli subs taken out of a FliTrap 1600W and the loaded 500 amp to go with it as well as 2 Audiobahn 12" ran off an Inphase 4ch amp, i cant really remember all of the details because i put it in quite a while ago. Here it is: Here is the new stuff thats going in.. eventually: Consists of (pictured): Sundown SAZ-1500D amp Focal PS-165 Component speakers Stinger 14AWG Speaker wire 5L Fiberglass kit 5L Contact adhesive Paint + lacquer kit Non-Pictured: KnuKonceptz Kord Kable 12 Gauge Speaker Wire Alpine MRX-F35 Phonocar 4/927 Rain Stop KnuKonceptz KCA Complete 4 Gauge amp installation kit 2x Sundown SA-12 Already fitted: Alpine CDE-135BT Head unit XS Power D1200 AGM Battery 'The Big 3' Upgrade with black KnuKonceptz 0AWG Valeo 108a Passat alternator - http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/94682-180a-alternator-fitted/ KnuKonceptz 0AWG cable KnuKonceptz Krystal Kable 2 Channel 5M Twisted Pair RCA Cable I've probably missed some stuff out but ill update when i remember.
  6. Hi all, I've recently purchased a lupo GTI! Love it to bits already! I've made a start on my boot build today and was just wanting to create a post to show people how I've got on and maybe if anyone could suggest anything So I've ordered 2x Rockford forsgate 8" subs to go in the boot My box dimensions are as follows; (these dimensions are not set in stone yet I'm waiting on the subs to be delivered first) 800 x 300 base 764 x 264 top 800 x 171 front & back x2 264 x 171 sides x2 I will the lay a false floor on top of the box all nicely trimmed and lit up with clear view of the subs Only got round to cutting the wood today
  7. Hello I'm tying to fit a sub. All is well except running the power trough the bulkhead. Where can I get it through nice and easy? I couldn't see anywhere behind the footwell carpet. It's a 2005 1.4 sport 100bhp.. Also, where can I find an adapter for the door components? I'll get the standard paper speakers drilled out ok, but need some sort of fitting ring?
  8. Someone is willing to sell me the following equpitment for £50 but i am unsure if this is good value as i already have a setup and would probably just sell it on. Infinity Reference RA6006 6 way amplifier Infinity Reference 475a 4 way amplifier Infinity 12" subwoofer (not sure on product name) Your help will be greatly appreciated
  9. Been trying to figure out how to get the positive wire from the sub through to the battery, can't see anywhere too ease the wire through to the battery, any ideas
  10. Thought i'd just whap up a quick piccy of what im planning on fitting in the car when i finally get the time: Sundown SAZ-1500d amp Valeo 108a Passat alternator Focal PS-165 Component speakers KnuKonceptz 0AWG cable Stinger 14AWG Speaker wire 5L Fiberglass kit 5L Contact adhesive Paint + lacquer kit Already fitted: Alpine CDE-135BT Head unit XS Power D1200 AGM Battery 'The Big 3' Upgrade with black KnuKonceptz 0AWG I've probably missed out something but i've still got plenty left to buy
  11. Putting in an infinity kappa 1400w in my Mk2 Arosa and need some advice on what size amp i need with it... I'm on a tight budget so dont really wanna spend over 250-300 pound...
  12. hi, just taken the sub out of my mates car and put it in mine. He wanted to keep the wiring so we sort of made a homemade kit. for the power we used a really thick gauge stiff copper wire, the sort you use in wiring sockets in the house. my question is do you think its the heavy gauge wiring which is causing it to be quiter and less punchy than in my mates car? thanks
  13. FLi Trap 12 Subwoofer / Amp complete with wiring kit. Mint condition, no scratches or dents. £50 collected, no offers. If it hasn't been sold and collected by 24th November it will be going with me overseas. I do not need to sell this item. Located in Sleaford, Lincolnshire.
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