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  1. Have done a search but cant get the answer i need. I want to replace the coolant Temperature Sensor. i need to know where it is... and what is the correct one. A picture would be ideal! like i said i have tried searching but getting nowhere. 2004 1.7 SDI reg: OE04 LLN
  2. Anyone ever straight piped an SDI? I've heard the backbox can be restrictive on it, would removing it free up some more mpg? My main concern is noise, my downpipe has rusted away and separated, its extremely loud. If I put a straight through from manifold all the way to the rear would it still be extremely loud because it's NA? My 1.9tdi isn't that loud straight piped, but that's probably because it's turbo'd. i know someone will have done it.. cheers
  3. So after a fail on the MOT and deciding to sell the car for parts I have done some serious soul searching and have decided to keep the Lupo and put it back on the road. The list of jobs seems endless but this is it: Brake peddle not retuning to the up position. Have to lift with foot for the last 1cm to turn off the brake lights No reception on the radio this is a aftermarket head-unit (Do i need a signal booster?) New suspension and bushes all round (What is the cheapest way to do this?) Blown exhaust in various locations (What parts do i need for a full system) Cam Belt and Water pump (Total confused, What kit do i need and where is the best/ cheapest place for this?) Brake disks pads and hoses More to follow. Tighten up the gear linkage. (At some point) Gear box flush and oil change (Is there a liquid for this like engine flush? and best fluid to replace it with) Where to start and get this done? I am sure there is a list of parts as long as my arm. I will update this as it goes along. All feel free to chip in with any advice and help.
  4. Hi all, lurked for ages but finally pulled the trigger! Been wanting an SDI for quite a while and the right one popped up less than 3 miles from home last week! Went to view in the dark after work and decided it was good enough for what I needed. Red 04 plate SDI S with around 170k on the clock, full service history with many stamps and cambelt/water pump done last year. Drives really well and is totally standard, couple of issues such as creaking clutch pedal.. I'm assuming pedal box, do VW still cover (or partially cover) this job under warranty? Will probably change all the braking components and fit some coilovers and perhaps change wheels (wouldn't mind some banded steels). Other then that it's going to remain pretty standard as it's the daily mile muncher whilst my S3 sits on the driveway. Couple questions, how can I tell if it has ABS? And does anyone know of any insurance companies that will mirror my no claims discount onto the lupo? I seem to be getting quotes for more than the S3! And that's stage 2+ declared! Will try to get some photos up soon. Thanks
  5. Make: VW Model: Lupo SDI MOT: 28/11/18 (Fail) TAX: £30 p.y Milage: 105,000 I am sad to have to do this but I am going to have to let my Lupo go as it has failed its MOT today I have attached the list of faults. Other than what is listed the car is in not to bad condition. It is clean and drives well. I am not in the position to break it for parts. If I had the time and space I would fix it myself but this is not an option for me. Location: Salisbury Wiltshire Price: £650
  6. VW Lupo 1.7 SDI Yellow Clean 9 Months MOT no advisories 1.7 Diesel 100,000 Miles Good runner. New brakes all round New clutch put in 2000 miles ago. Rough paintwork as bump strips were previously removed and not very well.. Was my wives car, used for popping into town and no longer need it. SOLD ONO
  7. 2002 VW Lupo 1.7 SDI black for sale with 147k miles good runner with 5 months MOT left also taxed so ready to drive away. Had a second hand gearbox along with a new clutch on Feb 2016 that had done 71k miles. Cambelt and timing belt changed on Dec 2015 last serviced sept 2015. Fuel filter and air filter changed in summer bought oil filter but haven't had time to change the oil. 4 alloy R15 wheels came with car not to everyone's taste. Good tread on all tires except right front passenger which was a remould (see pic) runs well and is a reliable workhorse. Fixed heater which didn't work when I got the car (only worked on no4 but now all works) passenger window doesn't work possibly dodgy motor or window runners haven't had time to sort it out. Central locking works 90% of the time. Also had some respraying to cover up car park scrapes on passenger wings it's not pretty but covers it up. Open to offers looking for £900.
  8. hi guys, currently my box is DXQ. can i fit one of the other boxes to my lupo SDI such as the DED, ETF or FFV? thank you!
  9. Hi guys having problems with my lupo after sourcing a gearbox the next problem is the fuel pump the car has a timing issue which points to the fuel pump could be the solenoid but not sure had some crazy prices for fuel pump one place said 500/600 trying to keep it cheap or otherwise will havta get rid of this money pit. Any one got Experiance of this problem it's causing the acceleration to be slow and have hardly any power.
  10. Morning all, bought myself a little yellow Lupo 1.7SDI a couple of weeks ago and so far I'm really liking it! I've always had a big thirsty car and a little fun car for a few hundred quid to use as a daily and I'm loving the current combination and find myself always driving the Lupo now. So easy to park, drive and dead cheap to run (£25 to fill up). It has a couple of little niggles which I'm trying to sort - a strange problem with the sunroof plus the fact I can't open the boot with the key or handle -__- ,so will post about these in the near future. I've had a skim through the forum and everything looks very helpful so thought I'd join and post. Anyway, I don't want to get a "this thread is useless without pics" reply so here we are...
  11. Hey, I've got a 1.7 sdi Diesel lupo 2000 plate. Recently the reverse gear just refuses to work, all the other gears are perfectly fine, I can pop the reverse into gear and it'll shift back a few inches then either jump out or make a horrible crunching noise, I've taken it to a mechanic and by force he can reverse it back normally but the car sounds terrible because you can hear it wanting to push the reverse gear out. My mechanic as quoted me £1500 for a new gearbox! Or I have to find a second hand one, all in all inc labour I'm looking at around £800 and there's no guarantee the gearbox will work as its second hand... i went to a local mechanic and told them my problem and they said it sounds like a broken reverse linkage? Never heard of something like that but inc labour it's £150..if that's the case. I'm going to book my car in but I'm worried they'll cause more issues then I have, love my lupo but it's a 2000 plate and I don't really want to spend almost 2k on a gearbox. does it sound broken? Or a link breakage? Am I being ripped off? Sorry for such the long post but it's becoming impossible to drive the car without reversing, I have to roll out of my drive -__-. Any advice would be great! thanks!
  12. Hey! I'm in urgent need for a 1.7 lupo gear box as mine unfortunately has kicked the bucket! I've been looking everywhere for one but unfortunately can't get one for a decent price! If anyone knows of a lupo 1.7 being sold for parts or even if a 1.7 gear box is going for sale can you please point them in my direction! Im not coping very well without my wee lupo Thanks!
  13. Hi all, Newbie in cambridgeshire; just got a lupo 1.7; keen to have a go at replacing the clutch myself (probably with the oversight of a mechanically minded friend - the most I've ever done on a car is replace a battery!). Any advice at all? Does the engine need to come out? (If yes, I'll go buy an engine crane before I get him around...) I had a search on the forum but couldn't see any descriptions of it - I'll try and take some photos, if anyone has any suggestions as to what else to do/look at while I've got the engine out/while I'm in there, they're most welcome. No answers too basic! I really know bugger-all about cars! Many thanks for having such an active forum here, al (PS I have access to a ramp if that helps)
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