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  1. hoping to have time to fiddle this weekend; will try sanding the bolt onto the chassis to bare metal to ensure a complete circuit. rclick aren't responding to email/voicemals - does anyone have the lupo wiring PDF for their kits? just to reassure myself! Thanks for all the suggestions so far, will implement soonest.
  2. no power; that was my thinking (because no box-armed LED activity). However I definitely tapped into the thick blue/yellow wire for power, so it ought to work? I blew my multimeter on something, so I cant really check outputs (have ordered a new one - fused!) but I noted some thick red wires tucked further up above the plugs behind the bonnet pull - ought I to try to tap into those? alternatively, perhaps I haven't grounded it correctly...I wired the black, yellow, and yellow/black wires to the chassis (crushed against the right angle bracket holding the bottom dashboard edge to the side of the car), assuming that to be an acceptable way to complete the circuit... Does that all sound reasonable? Thanks for the swift reply, joeadamou
  3. Hi All, Begging letter for help; I've wired my KE669W kit (on my Lupo S 1.7 SDI) into the wires by the bonnet catch as on page 4/5, but nothing happens! the arm light on the box isn't even flashing. The car works perfectly as it did before thought, so I haven't really broken anything! Many thanks for any help, al
  4. PS: I'm going to do the Driver's side at some point to avoid the worm gear eating the teeth of the seized cog, as observed in http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=89950
  5. Just fixed my pax side window for the cost of a can 'o grease. awesome. Thanks so much guys! If it helps anyone else: I used a ratchet spanner thingy to release the window clamps and I didn't have to curse once. The chaps that have done this already will agree no doubt that taking the spanner off and replacing it each few degrees of unscrewing is bloody annoying! Also many thanks to user Danoid for his guide: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?showtopic=89966 - invaluable!
  6. hi, I'd be very keen on any photos you take as you go! If you havent got a clutch yet, there seems to be a good price here http://www.carparts4less.co.uk/cp4l/c/Volkswagen_Lupo_1.7_2001/p/car-parts/car-transmission/clutch-and-associated-parts/clutch-kit/?641441690&1&4175157c0b8d419f5340b25c81f4c8c3b67557e7&000069 Sachs, so I assume its better than the £50 ebay ones. That site seems to have a thing where you type your car reg in, so hopefully it should adjust for any engine changes etc as years progress? (I know very little about cars, so feel free not to take my word on it!) al
  7. bugger, cambelt! no evidence it's been replaced in the service history, thanks so much for mentioning it, I suppose it's off to the garage; not sure I ought to be fiddling with something that involves timing. I'll have to find some other tinkering to do on it, shouldn't be too hard! Deepest thanks for all your reples, I'd have completely forgotten if it hadn't been mentioned. Will do the clutch myself if the garage doesn't have time.
  8. Hi all, Newbie in cambridgeshire; just got a lupo 1.7; keen to have a go at replacing the clutch myself (probably with the oversight of a mechanically minded friend - the most I've ever done on a car is replace a battery!). Any advice at all? Does the engine need to come out? (If yes, I'll go buy an engine crane before I get him around...) I had a search on the forum but couldn't see any descriptions of it - I'll try and take some photos, if anyone has any suggestions as to what else to do/look at while I've got the engine out/while I'm in there, they're most welcome. No answers too basic! I really know bugger-all about cars! Many thanks for having such an active forum here, al (PS I have access to a ramp if that helps)
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