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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow Lupo nuts who are still here. I’m looking as swapping the 1.0 MPI engine out my MK1 Arosa for a Lupo Sport 1.4 16v. Now I know the basics but asking for some help clarifying some bits... - Key/immobiliser. Since my Arosa doesn’t have an immobiliser do I need to swap the barrels and interior wiring loom?? Especially if the Lupo doesn’t have an immobiliser as well?? - Driveshafts. I’m assuming they are the same and my 1.0 ones will do the job? - Engine mounts. I’m assuming the 1.0 and 1.4 ones are in the same place? its not a massive engine swap so I’m hoping it’
  2. The day has come to sell my Arosa as I've now bought a new car. I've owned the car since November 2014 and covered approx 25k in it since. It also has a huge amount of receipts/past MOT's and the V5C in my name and the original 2 keys (one with locking buttons). Pictures here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Arosa-Sport-100bhp-Big-spec-lots-of-upgrades-/142382581436? Spec is as below; - 1.4 100bhp sport AUB 109k - doesn't burn a drop of oil. - Custom Chrome exhaust cat back - Direnza stainless manifold - AP coilovers - 12 months old in perfect order.
  3. Wondered if anyone can help me, i very recently got a blue lupo for my 17th birthday, i love the car and im just hoping i dont have too many problems. Anyway, to the point... the cloth interior is fabulous and very clean but i noticed my gear stick cover is leather with blue stitching and it doesnt feel right having most other parts in the grey cloth. I had a look around on Ebay and came across: front door cards, rear door cards, speedometer cover, handbrake cover and door handles all leather with blue stitching. I will try and get some pictures up so you can get a better idea of them. I was w
  4. Hi everyone, was my 17th birthday on the 25th of august and i was greeted in the morning by my very own car! Soft Blue 1.4 16v Lupo!? im new to ClubLupo so im sorry if i ask questions previously answered else where!
  5. In Penryn in Cornwall, i was at the car wash, this black lupo parked up and after going over to talk to the guy, we began talking, he said if I remember his name was Luke. His lupo had a purple flocked speedometer cover Had Porsche wheels on And was a 1.4 16v and was pretty low, couldn't get my hand under the front arch, if anyone knows who this is i would be very grateful of info as would like to contact the guy. Cheers
  6. Reppin! Finally got a Lupo! And it's a Sport as well. Not taken many pictures of it yet as it's had to have work done to it and I've not been in the mood. Bought it for £2500, done 100k miles but seems to drive perfectly, (coming from my dad) it was loooow, helpers out and everything, but had to raise 35mm it so I could get it over a speed bump at the end of my road Happy as hell with it though! Amazing looking car when it's clean, previous owner was Carly1990, here's a link to what she done to it: http://forums.clublu...90 More pictures this weekend! Dunno what I want to do to it yet, wil
  7. Seat Arosa 1.0s with 1.4s lupo engine code AFK fitted Imperial Blue 2001 MK2 model The engine will require a new set of head bolts Smoothed front Bumper 2 different rear bumpers, one is standard and one is lupo sport TA technix coilovers fitted Seat Factory Alloy wheels with 2 brand new tyres but all four tyres are in good condition Passenger Wing has slight key mark Rear windows tinted Smoked Rear Lights including 3rd level Brake light Passenger window regulator NOT working Black Dashboard and carpet Lupo 1.4s ecu and looms Arosa 1.0s Wiring looms Pedal box strengthened Thats all i can think
  8. Hello to all! My name's Hanna, and I've recently bought a 1.4 16V Fresco Green Lupo - 52 plate, with 32k on the clock. It's my second car, and considering I used to own a snail (Ford Ka) before this, I'm finding it pretty nippy! So here it is. It's completely standard at the moment, but hopefully not for long as I now have these. I'm hoping to get these sprayed in red, bumpers smoothed and the car resprayed. Open to tips and advice
  9. Hi everyone.. Had my Lupo for a while, brought it with a broken gearbox (the common rivit shearing issue).. I had the gearbox replaced and everything was good...
  10. Up for sale is my Lupo sport project because I have far too many projects, and just don't have the time to finish it! Everything is there to complete it. The engine is in position on the mounts but not fully wired up. I have attached the driveshafts and gear linkage but you will need to fit the exhaust manifold/intake/throttle body/fuel rail etc. and all wiring (all there in the engine bay, just needs connecting). It is a 1.4 16v Lupo Sport with 91000 miles. The car is still MOT'd but not sure how long. It has electric windows but the drivers side has come off runner, easy fix. The door check
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