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  1. the s badge boot handle has been painted black and where do the coilovers need posting to so i can get a total price?
  2. sorry no longer have original engine as it suffered quite a lot of damage to pistons i scrapped it
  3. £90 ono for the four alloys, very slight curb mark on one £20 for the grille which is standard black but with a satin black seat badge The seats are all grey edit: the alloys are the 8 spoke ones
  4. Seat Arosa 1.0s with 1.4s lupo engine code AFK fitted Imperial Blue 2001 MK2 model The engine will require a new set of head bolts Smoothed front Bumper 2 different rear bumpers, one is standard and one is lupo sport TA technix coilovers fitted Seat Factory Alloy wheels with 2 brand new tyres but all four tyres are in good condition Passenger Wing has slight key mark Rear windows tinted Smoked Rear Lights including 3rd level Brake light Passenger window regulator NOT working Black Dashboard and carpet Lupo 1.4s ecu and looms Arosa 1.0s Wiring looms Pedal box strengthened Thats all i can think
  5. have just done my arosa from 1000 to 1400, the only issue i came across was that the 1400 engine had cable throttle and my arosa was set up for electrical throttle, easily swapped over at no extra cost however just changed engine, ecu, wiring loom and adapted my pedal box, just check your throttle type with the new engines to save a lot of hassle mate.
  6. was cable throttle have got a throttle body off s reg audi a8, fits after a little persuasion just got to link up a cable for it but uses the same electrical plug etc
  7. didnt get one with it so fitted my old one
  8. last week i took the 1.0 mpi engine out of my 51 plate arosa coded auc and replaced it with a 1.4s engine from an x reg lupo coded afk, i put the loom in and noticed the plug on my pedalbox for the accelerator has nowhere to connect onto the loom do i require a new pedalbox to solve this issue or is there another way around it? any help appreciated
  9. i have a seat ibiza 180bhp 20 valve turbo engine for sale including k0s3 turbo, induction kit, yellow top injectors, manifolds and a few extras like oil catch tank etc... collection from somerset £225 in working condition pm me for pictures and more info. edit: forgot to include that i have gearbox and driveshafts also.
  10. that happened when my pedal box went dude
  11. i agree si leeds, but yes the 1.0 gearbox does fit after fitting the 1.0 flywheel its now just a question of how long it will last
  12. well done you can read and spell...
  13. will the engine drop straight into my arosa 1.0s? are the gearboxes different? anybody know the answer please much appreciated
  14. oldey, that looks pointless. a whole 3bhp or whatever you get wow.
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