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  1. Spotted at the Retail Park just off Junction 6 of the M54, I was queuing to get out - got a beep and a wave off one of the polo drivers who stopped and complimented me on my wheels
  2. Saz

    Saz/Rich's GTI, today.

    Yes, nice to have the Loop back even though I'm a lot poorer for it! Thanks for the spot Andy, hope yours is all sorted Sarah
  3. Saz

    Saz's Raven Loop

    Where's the milk bottle tops and the string....?
  4. Saz


    Woo hoo! My first spotted after 4 years of having the Loop! I was on my way to the lovely M6 (which wasnt a carpark for a change) Sarah
  5. Saz

    L* UPO - Silver GTi, Merry Hill

    I live in Telford so look out for a blue GTi!
  6. Saz

    L* UPO - Silver GTi, Merry Hill

    I spotted you in Bridgnorth once! It was a while ago but pretty sure I put a spotted post up?
  7. Saz

    L* UPO - Silver GTi, Merry Hill

    I live in Telford and go to Bridgnorth occasionally so will keep my eye out for you! Sarah
  8. Very cute Think its a pygmy hedgehog which you can have as a house pet - think I know what I want for Xmas
  9. Saz

    New Scirocco

    A blue one drove past us last night in Staffs, was in a convoy with a few other expensive cars - looked fab.
  10. Saz

    Bluloops Raven GTI - Bye Bye GTI 28/1 :(

    Looks fab Colin - good work my friend!
  11. I certainly am! Cheers Andy. As Matt says, good report (as always!) Sarah
  12. Saz

    Happy Birthday Saz!

    Cheers Matt! I'm quite enjoying being 30 too - its not that bad! Although I did go to a club last night and felt very old as it was full of teeny boppers
  13. Saz

    Happy Birthday Saz!

    QUOTE (Boy'dup @ Jun 29 2008, 06:02 PM) Who?
  14. Saz

    Happy Birthday Saz!

    Love you Al
  15. Saz

    03 Black Gti with TH Momos

    Spotted this yesterday, on the A442 heading from Bridgnorth towards Telford (we were in the Leon). Car looked sweet!

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