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  1. Would the box fit to the GTI engine? would love to do that swap if I could, looking at it, the 1.6 doesnt fit the 1.4 manual box so i cant imagine it bolting to the auto?
  2. Hi All, I have a 1.4 automatic lupo which I currently autotest (before you say scrap it and get a manual, im a disabled driver so limited to an auto box) see here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOhYe2T19KI&t=106s Now as my username says, ive previously owned an arosa, and through handbrake turns and constant abuse through my racing, i managed to kill the gearbox in around 8 events. I then moved onto the lupo, and the box seems stronger on this than the arosa (THANK GOD) one issue I have with my lupo is that it lacks power, 75bhp through a torque convertor (i assume it goes through a convertor, never looked into it) soon removes most of the power, so im wanting to take it to around the 100-110bhp region, with things such as a GTI intake and throttle body and an exhaust etc (read on another thread that with a good bit of work and a good map, its possible) the big question is though, will the auto box handle this power or will it just go pop? Also, if youre around the birmingham/derbyshire/midlandy area, and fancy a go at autotesting, let me know, im heavily involved with it all and am more than happy to give guidance on starting out Thanks Cal
  3. Hit them faster! if you can't hear the scrape, it never happened! I recommend 50mph
  4. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201588861145725&set=a.10201588808624412.1073741844.1303906367&type=3&theater dunno if you can see that, but id assume you mean this one, the driver is Elliott Lawrence, he came 74th overall in the Dukeries Rally last weekend
  5. I know you said you tried a dent puller tool. was it along the lines of this? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CAR-BODY-DENT-PULLER-BODY-WORK-PANEL-GLUE-GUN-REPAIR-TOOL-KIT-/380531811025?pt=UK_Body_Shop_Supplies_Paint&hash=item589976a2d1 I think this looks like it should do the job on most dents looks strong!
  6. Spotted a lowered dark green lupo with what looked like a white vinyl roof..from what I saw it looked to be running G60'S? but im not sure, is it anyone on here?
  7. Hi All, I have a 1998 seat arosa 1.4 mpi auto and the water pump has just ceased on me, I have it booked in at a mechanic tomorrow but he wants to know if the water pump is on the cam belt or is it seperate? Thanks Callum
  8. Haha, I would add a mk2 Dash but funds only stretch to a stickerbombing book at the moment
  9. Haha, Im hoping they fade down quickly so they aren't reflecting as much, been driving with it for two days now and not really a problem, just waiting for the extreme sunlight :L should be interesting!
  10. Not everyone's taste but I think it looks great, whats everyone think? took me hours :L
  11. http://www.carcapsule.co.uk/products/CarCapsule-14%E2%80%99-Indoor.html You don't want a cover! get this! CAR BUBBLE!!!
  12. ArosaCal

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    take a look at that, its easy enough At £850 your insurance is a bargain! I'm paying £2500 for my 1.4 8v I doubt your insurance would go over £1k with a lowering kit on it, I didn't get a quote without but a mate of mine with a corsa got his lowering kit added to his insurance for £60 through Admiral
  13. ArosaCal

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    Remove the Rub strips if they're the horrible black ones maybe debadge the back? two little mods that dont cost a penny and in my personal opinion make the car look better after that, find an insurance company that accepts mods because once you're started, you wont stop! (oh, and get a musical air horn I recommend the la cucaracha horn most fun Ive had in ages)
  14. Loepan: I was so close to doing the same with mine! but i don't think anyone would have fit it professionally! haha, and yes, Ive thought about the road rage situation! bad times! may need to get a road rage button connected to a huge train horn! Silver! : Never really thought about MOT's either, that may be a problem! we'll see next time its due! hope I can get it through! Cooper_GTi : I wanted a train horn but all the kits I found were around the £400 mark, is this how much yours cost? a video of this would be brilliant get one of you scaring people around where you live! i bet you have some right fun with that! No Video Today, weathers not been nice to me! will get one ASAP
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