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  1. Who were u?! Saw u nod as we went by was in my arosa ! X
  2. How rude!!!!! Looking fab xxx
  3. As the title suggests Anyone know if 13" wheels fit over TDi brakes? x
  4. It looks like my car. Mine is Yo Yo Yellow!
  5. I've got the Lupo GTI spoiler on my Arosa. It fitted into the orignal boot brake light but I paid for it to be fitted properly as there are other holes to be drilled. Only cost £20 at the body shop to fit it! And I have a stubby aerial so it only bends slightly HTH
  6. Heyy Welcome I've got a TDI Arosa... what exactly do you wanna know ?
  7. Yea that was me, southbound on the M5 cruising at 60mph! haha! We saw you we do tend to shout "Lupo" or "Arosa" at ne we see! hehe you should ave beeped! Thanks for the comments peeps, I do LOOOVE the colour! Its nice having something different
  8. lolly

    Arosa Tdi

    Awww, saying your downgrading is harsh on us Arosa lovers! x
  9. Its so nice to see a new car owner modding his first car tastefully! Love the progress! Well done! xx
  10. Quick update for you all! Bought some new cleaning products today (mainly Poorboys) so gave them a quick go. Ran out of time so didnt get a chance to wax it so will do this tomorrow, but also de-badged the boot
  11. I have the Standard Arosa alloys on my car, on Coilies running 195/45/14's and i get scrubbage around roundabouts. Its crazy you are getting scrubbage when your on springs!
  12. I took the adjusters out of the rears, but its still sitting high. When I have got some spare pennies I am going to invest in the shorter springs for the rear. Think they are about £100. Have to say I am not keen on the wheels either, but hey ho. Everyone's different Its does look good though! Gotta love the lighter coloured 'Rosas! Proper retro/euro!
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