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    Few bits

    After selling my Lupo GTI I have these few bits in my shed that I don't need. Front wheel bearing Second exhaust lambda sensor 4 oilite bearings to fix broken door straps Non aircon alternator belt £25 posted all of them. Cheers Martyn
  2. m8ngn

    Arosa Tdi s

    Cheers Guys Is a great little car, perfect mile muncher or cheap daily commuter.
  3. For sale is my 2003 arosa tdi s The car is great and really cheap to run. Only selling as I have bought a van. 84k miles 11 months MOT £30 a year road tax 50-65mpg Good tyres all round New starter motor New Exhaust The car is in good condition with only 84k miles on the clock which is noting for these engines. The interior is clean and comfortable and comes with a jvc head unit. There are a few little scratches here and there and stone chips to the front. The front wings have a bit of corrosion from road salt etc. This doesn't bother me although new wings can be picked up for cheap. P
  4. Hi all After selling my Lupo Gti I have some Brand New G60 caliper carriers still in the box that I never got round to fitting. I am after £70 including postage for these, Companies are charging £140 for these, even on Fleabay so get a bargain These allow the fitting of 4x100 280mm disks onto your Lupo GTI using standard calipers. Cheers Martyn 07884364496
  5. For sale is my 6 speed lupo Gti. The car has covered 110k miles. 9 months MOT The car has never wanted for anything mechanically with everything being replaced when it has needed it. The car has a load of receipts and service book (this is stamped up to 80k) every other service has been carried out by specialist garages with full receipts to prove. I have just carried out a service on the 24th of September changing the following Oil 10w 40 castrol magnatec Bosch oil filter Air filter fully cleaned and re oiled Wishbone bushes (powerflex) Arb bushes Drop links Top mount bushes and bearing
  6. As the title says, I'm replacing everything underneath my GTI in terms of suspension/handling components. I have came across these on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-LUPO-GTi-LOWER-WISHBONE-ARM-PAIR-BALL-JOINT-LH-RH-/331512443385?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&fits=Model%3ALupo&hash=item4d2fae71f9 Does anyone know if these will fit? I have questioned the seller who is determined they will fit a GTI but knowing that everyone suggests that the GTI ball joints are only available from the dealer I'm still yet to believe him. He has also confirmed that they are longer (the stem is taller on the GT
  7. No mate no mats as the drivers one is damaged so not worth it.
  8. Hi all i am stripping my GTI to eventually prepare it for fast road/track use i have the following parts for sale. I will post small items if so wished. (not seats or headliner) I will send pictures on request as i will take them there and then. Interior GTI seats front and rear (grey inserts not red) £90 (stitching has slight came away on driver seat easy fix if you're handy with a haberdashery kit) Rear door cards with speakers vents (there are a few nicks on these will take photos £20 Headliner Black £40 Rear C pillars black £20 Parcel shelf £10 Black rear view mirror £20 GTI red
  9. Mk4 golf calipers are the same although not red. Replaced my old one with these when is seized.
  10. Hard to say, I think they open up a bit better under hard acceleration. It is a manifold /decat. possibly 5-15bhp with manifold and full system but i haven't been on the rollers so this is an estimate.
  11. You can get an ashley manifold from kam racing which is intended for the 1.4 sport but fits on the GTI you will need to weld a secondary lambda port on. IIRC the cost is about £210 delivered. I have one on my GTI and on my last GTI and they seem to make a difference especially to the sound. Cheers Martyn
  12. Don't quote me but i think they're 22mm for the inner arb bushed on the GTi
  13. Could be wrong but here is my assumptions, Ibiza cupra r mk3 brembo calipers with carriers and 305mm 4x100 discs will fit although you would have be cautious of wheel choice IIRC theres a guy on here with these brakes and 15" Compomotive Mo5 wheels. I would guess most other 16" minumum and check offset. Another choice may be by using the carriers that would suit a mk2 golf (available on ebay) to fit Porsche boxster rear calipers and run 280mm g60 discs. I am just assuming the carriers will fit the Lupo although I'm not sure. As the pistons on the rear Boxster calipers are smaller they will not
  14. Seen a few Lupos on Porsche twists now, IMO they are a bit too big. Theres a guy also running 17" cayenne wheels which does look pretty cool but still a bit on the large side. If you have air and are all about stance etc. i don't see why not but static everyday use it will have and effect on the handling, negatively.
  15. You will be lucky to get one 300bhp Bam engines can't make that on standard turbo etc and not many people retro fit the Bam engine into lupos as most use the 150bhp golf or 180bhp leon cupra engine. All the same good luck but if you get one for 1k be prepared to make a hospital visit.
  16. Axe ex8's are 8 inch wide therefore taking the offset to standard 38 the wheels will still be 1.5" wider than your standard wheels based on GTi wheels (i'm not sure how wide the 1.0 wheels are 5.5"?) so it may be better to try them without spacers given that they will stick out way further than your standard wheels. They may foul the arch without spacer never mind with an extra 8mm. Just my opinion mind.
  17. Hi All For sale is my Raven Blue GTI bumper Bought with the intention of replacing my damaged one but as the car is getting tracked i realised it will probably get damaged further. There is scratches above the reg recess and to the side which are shown in the photo other than these the paint is great. The bumper is structurally sound with all clips intact etc. Located in Newcastle Upon Tyne £80 will post at buyers expense 07884364496 Cheers Martyn http://i596.photobucket.com/albums/tt46/m8ngn/20150415_2009021.jpg http://i596.photobucket.com/albums/tt46/m8ngn/20150415_2009141.jpg http://i596
  18. Looks unbelievably clean! Did you replace the with OEM wisbones etc or upgrade to polyurethane bushes? Has it made a noticeable difference?
  19. Thanks mate They are super cheap compered to everywhere else ordered a set and will get thrown in with my list of parts to be fitted.
  20. Looking good mate. Did you get the rear small hoses for the mk2-mk4 conversion and make new lines from the axle to the caliper or have you kept them standard? Also if you don't mind where did you get the carriers from? Cheers Martyn
  21. Wheel trims on a GTI? was this a poverty spec option?
  22. You will be able to get them on the rear with 185 45 tyres and possibly the arches rolled, i doubt they will go on the front at all unless you run silly stretch and camber.
  23. SALE33 mate. i only got the email last night
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