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  1. I never said they could make 300bhp hence i said Big Turbo! EIther IHI or Garret. As i had a leon with a GT28RS, just thought in a little car it would be immense. to be honest i think i would be happy for a good conversion running just stock with a remap (200bhp) I am not mechanically minded but i know what i want
  2. i would rather buy one done, gti will not be easy to get more power out of it with a supercharger or turbo conversion
  3. i was just talking big turbo dies not have to be bam or akm I did not want to buy one for 1k! Some on asked how much i was willing to spend!
  4. well average looking one went on ebay for about £1200.00 (not gti) But it all depends on the example especially if it has a big turbo, and if it the gti. between £1000-£6000
  5. Ideally 300bhp plus but will consider lower spec. has to be good conversion. Joel 07511909433
  6. http://www.remusuk.com/model.asp?id=1.4l 55 kW, Oct1998=>&mod=Lupo&man=VW this is the exhaust it looks like it goes under?
  7. has anyone had this back box fitted as i have bought on and i took it to a exhaust specialist and they said it may need the car modfied Does the hangers enable it to sit lower and the pipes to come under the bumper?
  8. Rear seat belt feamale part how much delivered? Cheers
  9. W-TRON


    need to heighten the suspension keep kocking the exhaust!
  10. W-TRON


    any thoughts?
  11. Is this a genuine spoiler? what is it called /part no.??? If not where can i get one!
  12. W-TRON


    I was undecided at first but i am glad i got them now New centre caps:
  13. W-TRON


    Leon is now up for sale please see the forsale section
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