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  1. Hello Must i have a mp3 player in the aux too get the aux up when i press the cd button? Because when i push the cd button nothing happend.
  2. Mr Bean

    Take note!

    Hello Do you have more pitcure of this one?
  3. I dont now why the pitcure is not here. I have used infront and back of the link.
  4. The tyres are too big, you must have 215x35x18 tyres. Then it will go, but 18 is big on a fox.
  5. I have done that but there is now pitcure comming. I am going too try again. Thank you.
  6. It was Lukes red one i want more pitcure of. Do anyone now what coilovers he has one it? And who mutch it is dropped? When i tried too but a pitcure in here it will noot work . Do anyone now why? I use photobucket.
  7. Is there anyone who have more pitcure of this?
  8. Is there anyone who have more pitcure of this?
  9. Do you have a pitcure of this: 5Z0 071 609 GRU - front sport bumper 5Z0 071 610 GRU - rear sport bumper 5Z0 071 685 GRU - sport side skirt
  10. Do you have pitcure of your car whit the audi wheels?
  11. Then the time was in too buy a new car. I just loved this car when i saw it for first time in Portugal for 2 years ago. The i think i must have one like this. I found out this car is not been sold new in Norway. I new a person how help me too find one i Germany. The car was in Oldenurg. Her is some info about the car: - 2008 mod - drived 3000 km - 1,4 tdi 70 hk - Colour Black Magic - ABS - Airbag x4 - Alu wheels 15" - El. Window - Happich back window - ESP - El. mirrors - Clima - Radio/CD/MP3 - Front and rear speakers - Servo - Sentral lock - Heat in the seat - Heat in the mirrors outside - Komfort package - Winter package - Style package - Vario package Here is some pitcure i see on internet before i buy it. I hope you all understand something. I am not soo good in English.
  12. Hello. Do anyone now which size there is on these wheels?
  13. Mr Bean

    VW FOX

    Hello What size do you have on the wheels and the tires? ET on the wheels?
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