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  1. Hi mate, are these still available?
  2. Sure. Hit me up with a PM.
  3. I'd have nothing to use then, so that wouldn't happen lol
  4. L11PVW cherished plate for sale. This needs to go as the retention on my other plate is up! Valued by Reg Transfers at £400+fees. This is currently still on the car, so will be transferred direct from car to car at a local DVLA office. £open to sensible offers GTi leather bound steering wheel, complete with airbag unit. Some light wear on the leather as it was from a high mileage example. No tears or scuffs. £40 Black GTi headlining, with black visors and grab handles. Non sunroof model. Like new. £100+your headlining/visors/handles. Parts are located in Peterborough
  5. I can do a 1 for 1 swap on matching grey door cards, if your interior is light grey (with leccy windows)
  6. Set of grey Lupo GTi seats for swap. Very good condition, with no rips or tears. Front and rear seats with hoop headrests. Looking for £175 + your original seats. These are located in Peterborough
  7. Do you have a pic of the interior?
  8. How much for just the fish eye lens kit?
  9. What interior seats do you have? Pics? Price? Also, headlining and visors?
  10. Door cards and headlining now provisionally sold, awaiting collection. Seats, plate, iPod and headphones still available. If you don't like my prices, then don't buy them. If you continue to spam my posts, then I'll report your ass...
  11. Which Alton? I also have a brand new (sealed in packet) White 8Gb iPod Touch. Current generation, with RRP of £169. Yours for £120 And brand new (sealed in packet) Sennheiser i300 In-Ear headphones. RRP £49.95. Yours for £30. Usual address...
  12. Guys, I need to get rid of these, so for one day only, my January Sale! Lupo GTI charcoal seats, front and back, with headrests. £195 + your original grey seats. Lupo GTI charcoal leather door cards, complete with charcoal door pulls, and chrome door triggers. £100 + your original grey door cards. **Provisionally sold** Lupo GTI black non sunroof headlining, with black sun visors and grab handles. £125 + your original headlining and sun visors/handles. **Provisionally sold** L11PVW cherished plate. £400 transferred to your Lupo! These parts are in very good condition, and many of them were all
  13. Wow, lots of PM's... lots of questions. I'm not replying yet, as this is the first opportunity I've had to get online. Pics: Side Lights: Dipped Beam: Main Beam with Spots: The headlining is genuine, and was bought from the dealer along with the sunvisors and grab handles. The door cards are genuine and not recovered cloth cards. The seats are sold as a set, and will not be split. However, I'm happy to switch seats and door cards as a package, or seperate. The plate is valued at £400 + transfer fee by Reg Transfers, so I'd expect something along those lines. I'm so far out of touch with
  14. Guys, i'm looking to switch my Lupo back to stock in order to part-ex it off. This means that I'll have some goodies up for sale/swap, so I need to gauge interest... GTI Xenons, complete with GTI slam tray. These have been on the car for 3 years now and are in full working order. The plugs were removed for re-wiring, but otherwise in good condition. GTI grey interior. These are the two front and two rear seats. Very good condition with little wear. GTI black roof lining, complete with black sun visors and grab handles. Mint condition. GTI grey leather door cards. These are complete with grey g
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