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  1. ZoBoe


    You got the engine code? Rough mileage?
  2. ZoBoe


    Well little Gremlin, that’s his name now!, is Defo not a runner! Was running fine as far as I could tell, no mot meant a test drive wasn’t really an option but was left running for some time to de-ice the car a few times and then to run onto a ramp but I never had any thought on running him with the SDi so was pulled it out over Xmas hols. I have a PD at the moment to put in but as I work in a very busy garage it’s just as and when I can grab some ramp time to do a bit or even an engine stand to work on the engine! Might be interested in an pd engine? Never have too many, still in the car or just an engine?
  3. ZoBoe


    Hi guys n girls, I’ve not long bought a little green 1.7 SDi Lupo with L11PVW reg, which I love by the way! Poor little guys been off road for some time and I bought it for parts originally as I’ve got a mk1 Arosa but he’s too good to strip so I’m gonna stick a PD130 in him ? I noticed he had some club Lupo stickers in the windows and wondered if anyone knew of this car or had pictures of him in his formar glory? I did a quick search on the reg but couldn’t view any pics with that photo bucket thing popping up! Oh and his old engine and box are available if anyone wants to buy them?!

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