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  1. i have searched everywhere but can find any topics relating to this. car just had a major service by one of my friends but the warning light needs turning off, any help grateful!
  2. lambda sensor, door straps, leaking rear washer, dodgy stereo wiring, had to have a new exhaust, sticky window switch, and a lot more i cant remember! everything fixed, most of it under warranty! seems like my car always has something wrong with it! but i absolutely love it i should be selling it due to getting a house, but i cant bring myself to do it....
  3. really! hmmmm that doesnt sound so good now!
  4. unless you go to warranty direct, as long as your car is under 10 years old they cover pretty much everything, even wear and tear! its £250 a year for my gti, can either take it to a garage of your choice provided its not more than £40 an hour labour, or take it to vw! they pay the garage direct so you dont need to wait weeks for a cheque! when i bought my car i had a years warranty left with arnold clark and i have to say they were pretty good, the policy wasnt changed into my name like it said it should be, but they still paid nearly 1k back to me for work that i had already had done (fo
  5. have you tried changing the battery? mine went about 3 weeks ago! £1.99 for two from tesco!
  6. thanks for your help, i rang back with the part number and apparently they have already ordered it, although i have to wait til monday before they can do it! its got a slight green tint apparently! learn something new everyday!
  7. i need a new windscreen and they asked whether it's tinted, it doesnt look tinted, so i said i dont think so! can anyone shed some light?!?
  8. i bet, ha ha! the windscreen has a massive crack in it now thanks to a biker last night! i keep thinking i want to sell it, then change my mind!
  9. Glenrothes, i think thats how its spelt anyway! i bought the first one i saw, had a few problems with it but they seem to be common faults! i still absolutely love it!! it is!
  10. mine was on a few months ago, i had to replace the sensor.
  11. I was looking at lupo's for a few months on trader and piston heads. Then a red one come up in Nov 2007 which I wanted straight away as all the others I saw were silver or black. It was a done deal when my now ex saw the wheels, We drove 320 miles to pick her up from Fife and I havent looked back! that was a good weekend
  12. smithy

    silver gti

    private reg started with x1 f i think! spotted coming out of tesco about 6.30pm i was in a blue scooby filling up! looked shiny!
  13. Katie Smith (The Corbet School)
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