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  1. toblask

    Total Wipeout

    No probs if you got any questions just ask.
  2. toblask

    Total Wipeout

    If you have an original windows install disk you can use that. Otherwise the manufacturers disk. Make sure you have your original code for windows and office installs though or you wont be able to license them. If you get a windows install disk slap it in and it will autorun and guide you through the reinstall and will ask you for your activation code which should be on a windows sticker on the bottom of the laptop. If you dont want to lose drivers for sound cards etc back them up too. You can get free programs to do that. Alternatively your laptop manufacturer should have drivers on the website on a support page. Tom First, locate the Windows CD that shipped with your PC, along with the CDs for your application software. If you downloaded your antivirus, firewall, or other programs, copy those downloads to a CD or to some other type of removable media. (If your system didn't ship with a Windows CD, your reinstallation files are situated on your hard drive; I'll describe how to access them in just a minute.) Also, dig up the instructions that your ISP sent you for configuring your network settings, and keep them close at hand. Copy the contents of your 'C:\Documents and Settings' folder (or whichever folder you store your personal files on) to a CD or other removable medium. Then grab any other critical data and back it up. It helps to collect the installers for the latest drivers for your PC's graphics card and other hardware, too. Ready to Reinstall Now insert the Windows CD that came with your PC, and reboot your system. If you didn't receive a Windows disc with your machine, the files you need are sitting in a hidden partition on your hard drive. To access them, press the keys indicated on your screen when you reboot, but before Windows loads. The keys differ from vendor to vendor, so contact your PC's manufacturer if you don't see the prompt. In many instances, the only available option is 'Return the drive to its factory condition', which destroys all documents, photos, and other data files on your PC. That's why you made a copy of your data folders. You get more options--including the ability to preserve your files and settings--when you use Microsoft's own Windows XP installation disc. Make your selection, and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the reinstallation. Starting Over Regardless of which option you choose, you'll have to reconfigure your network connections, reinstall some of your device drivers, and update XP and your applications manually. To configure your Internet connection, right-click My Network Places, click Create a new connection, and follow the prompts, entering the appropriate information you received from your ISP. Once you've re-established your Internet link, you must reinstall and update your firewall, antivirus, and antispyware programs. Next, check to see which of your device drivers need updates: Rght-click My Computer and select Properties, Hardware, Device Manager. Look for entries with yellow question marks or red exclamation points. A question mark indicates that Windows is using a generic driver for that device instead of one specifically designed for it; an exclamation point means that the device is not working. The drivers for graphics boards, sound cards, and printers are most likely to need an update. If you haven't already done so, visit the vendors' Web sites to download updated drivers to your PC. Run the installer for each updated driver, allowing XP to reboot when needed, or right-click the entry in Device Manager, choose Update Driver, and step through the wizard, selecting No, not this time to the Windows Update question, and choosing the specified location option when it appears. When you can navigate to the driver file, select it and click OK to install it. When you finish updating your drivers, close all open windows. Updates Galore Your next stop is Microsoft's Windows Update site. Click Start, Windows Update, and follow the prompts. Since you'll probably be downloading many megabytes of updates, you might want to find yourself a good book or seek some other diversion while you wait. When the downloading is complete, you'll be ready to reinstall and update your applications. Don't forget to update your critical apps as well. Microsoft Office, in particular has some important updates. Download them at the Microsoft Office Online Downloads page. Once you've restored your applications, begin replacing your data. The first priorities are the My Documents and Application Data folders, which you'll find in the folder with your logon name inside 'C:\Documents and Settings'. To bring back your Internet Explorer favorites, restore the contents of the Favorites folder. Also restore the Shared Data and Application Data folders inside 'C:\Documents and Settings\Shared Documents'. Once you've reintroduced all of your data, your Windows refresh will be complete. Note: For a visual tutorial on Windows XP reinstallation, watch our video.
  3. toblask


    Still plenty here folks come and have a look Just ask if there is anything else you need. I can source most things tool related Tom
  4. HOW TO ADD PHOTOS TO FORUMS 1. Join a picture sharing site such as photobucket. Il use photobucket in this guide as Im already a member. 2.Once you have logged in, click on Upload Images and Videos. Make sure you have "from computer" checked on the right hand side. 3.A File selection window will open and from here you can select as many photos you like to upload. Select the photos you want and click"Open" 4.Photobcuket will now begin to upload the photos showing a progress bar with a percentage 5.When the photos have finished being uploaded the window will change to show only the photos that have just been uploaded. Once you have looked over your uploads click on "Save and Share now" 6.You will then end up at another view of the photos you have uploaded. From here click on "Return to album" 7.You will now be back at the main album view window where you can select the IMG Code to copy in to your text on the forum you have chosen to post your images on. Hover over the image you want to post with you mouse and right click in the "IMG Code" Window and select copy. 8.Now back in your Forum text view, Copy the IMG Code in to the text area. 9.Now your image will appear in the forum when you post your text. Hope this all helps Cheers Tom
  5. toblask


    Bump come and have a look TOOL LINK
  6. toblask

    vw lupo haynes manual?

    Ha ha ye just spoke to Haynes and the manufacturer has to have sold over 100,000 of the model for it to even qualify for a manual. They do engine coverage on the 1L 1.4L 1.4D and the 1.7D but nothing else. Heres hoping they start selling lupos again :-) Tom
  7. toblask


    Hi Folks, Just wanted to put word out that I sell tools on ebay and have done for a bit. Not in my current shop but I have previously. Mainly car related tools with a pretty sleazy set of 1/2" Drive Sockets HERE Have a looky and see if theres anything you need. Cheers Tom
  8. toblask

    How many miles do you get once light is on

    Ha ha folks I don't think filling up when the interior light comes on is a particularly good idea! Obviously I meant the low fuel light. Good response though folks. Thanks! Tom
  9. toblask

    How many miles do you get once light is on

    Cheers Then Sounds good
  10. Hi Folks, Guess this just applies to people with a GTI How many miles can you go with the light on ish. Ive always filled up as soon as the light comes on. Never been more than a couple of miles once its on. Anyone know roughly how far you will get once its on? Tom
  11. toblask

    Power a car amp from the mains

    Cool Cool give the battery charger with battery a shot, might work quite well. Just watch out for it draining quickly when off charge and your amp power is up. Depends on where you have it but you dont Stictly need to earth it although its good practice incase something does go wrong. just stick the earth cable in to the top pin in a wall socket, make sure you put it in the top hole. best way to do this would be wire it up to a plug, wiring the earth cable on to the top pin on the plug and just plug it in to the wall and you have your earth connection. Tom
  12. toblask

    Power a car amp from the mains

    something like this will do although that american mains lead wont do you much good...Just need to get hold of the same type mains lead and plug it in to the power supply. You will also need to cut the connector off the end that is permanently attached to the power supply and wire it up to the amplifier making sure you have +v to the positive terminal and the -v to the negative terminal. If you wire these the wrong way round it could damage the amps internals. Its pretty easy to get it right though by looking at the back of the power supply where all the writing is. It tells you whether the center of the small connector is positive or negative. Have a look at this anyway and any questions let me know. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Power-Adapter-12-Volt-5-Amp-12V-5A-Supply-LCD-Adaptor_W0QQitemZ260504191164QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_Computing_LaptopAccess_RL?hash=item3ca74280bc Tom
  13. toblask

    Power a car amp from the mains

    just get a AC-DC converter, power supply. The amp will run off 12v dc. You will need a power supply with a High current rating or you could wire a large capacitor in like you would in the car. If your only running 6x9's you wont really need the capacitor, just a high current rated power supply. Tom
  14. toblask

    Picture of the day

    heres one of my dog ellie in action in aberdeenshire near where i live

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