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  1. mrgarf

    04 plate Loop Gti

    liking the wheels maybe needs a touch of spacing??? i used ford radiant red on the schmidts when i had it
  2. mrgarf

    3rd time lucky

    well done on the car, one word sums it up AMAZING
  3. mrgarf

    newb Gti owner

    hi there yes this is my old loop see a few things have changed on it , miss the old car this is how she once look sure u will make her look amazing
  4. mine did this too when i had one we found it to be a bad earth in the end,right pain to sort out. mine happened the same way after changing a bulb spooky!!!1
  5. mrgarf

    Lupo GTI or Clio 182?

    ive owned a lupo gti and a 172 clio must say the clio is a hell of alot of fun but they are prone to breaking . the lupo is a hoot and surprises so much stuff , if it was my money id have the lupo gti
  6. mrgarf

    fao lauryn

    here are some pics of the rear window hope there ok
  7. mrgarf

    '99 Lambo for £4k?

    cant believe your taking the piss out of my new yambo!!!!!
  8. mrgarf

    My Lupo GTi

    i love this car but a bit too much for me , if you deal about £6.3k(coilovers.included) then ill deal
  9. with gti international tomorrow it time to wash cars,few unstylish pics of andy p's and my car getting ready,cheers andy for doing the engine bay your a legend as ever!
  10. mrgarf

    The other blown one

    that bra looks familar lol
  11. mrgarf

    Project Corrad-oh-no

    nice shade for a raddo fella, leather too always a bonus,nice motor
  12. mrgarf

    decided to take some pics of my loop

    will have to be quick gaz car has just been sold ,it goes to new home in a week or so .a new project breaks cover......................
  13. mrgarf

    13 inch rim question please help!!

    was thinking along the lines of star mags
  14. just wondering if 13 inch rims will fit over a 1.4 sport(100bhp) wheels as 14s are standard ,dont think they will but can anyone confirm please

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