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  1. Does this have a cable gearshift?
  2. Looking for the gearshifter and cables?
  3. tshirt2k

    abf in lupo

    As mentioned dta and emerald are no better than ms for the application here, just ms is alot cheaper. My mk3 ABF turbo Runs ms1extra. Runs sweet but it's all down to the mapping. You can live map and has lots of functions. You have to know how to use them. Not sure I'd like use standalone on these though unless it was an expensive one that does sequential injection and has similar functions to oe ecus. You can't beat oem due to all the r&d gone into them. Some just are not suitable for boost.
  4. Nice work mate! Re Alternator. I've had nothing but problems with mine. Loose connections on the regulator, happened 3 times . Eventually changed it for a S/H 90A one from a polo mk5. £40 saved me some hassle.
  5. The standard gti manifold has some really small headers coming from the exhaust ports they look around 35mm but squashed. They raceland manifold does improve the gti. I had the manifold fitted in front of the standard system and there seemed to be an improvement at the bottom ad top ends, but left a bit of a dip around 3-4k. After fitting the janspeed exhaust it was like a different car. good response and likes to rev.
  6. It does need bending up and to the right to fit in the original gap and not be too close to the ground when running on a lowered car. Mine scraped the floor on uneven surfaces until it was bent. If its heated up properly it wont move. Had mine on for 2 years without a prob.
  7. tshirt2k


    you can only set them using vag com. You adjust them using the adjusters on the lights and then set the position in "basic settings" The lights usually adjust depending on the angle of the rear suspension or according to ELSA. The amount of fuel in the tank. So if its been lowered the lights will change position.
  8. Be wary of the TT clocks, there has ben lots of faults with them draining the battery and the temp gauges reading wrong amongst other things. A friend of mine had them replaced by Audi free even though he was two years out of warranty. Common problem.
  9. Yea, wheel bearings usually drone. The bearing in the coloumn is at the bottom near the pedals. I dont want to take it all apart and its not that.
  10. Yea thats how mine knocks, as you described it. It sounds like the bearing has a notch cos the wheel is ithe centre most of the time when driving.
  11. I have always had this but recently its been getting a bit worse. Now its not just when reversing or turning in any direction. It seem to be when the wheel is turned through a certain point. Anyone else got this?? I have checked all the balljoints etc and i think its something to do with the column.. I read in another thread that in japan there was a common fault with a bearing or something on car pre 2002. i have looked at Etka and there seem to be a bearing on the column just up from the Universal Joint. heres the link Does anyone know about this?
  12. tshirt2k

    Remap Offer

    Would all head tuners know about this restricted exhaust side of the head?, cos it seems as though, they justed want to charge around £500 to port and polish an not do exectly whats needed. £200 seems alot better if thats all thats needed. Any ideas where they would do this??
  13. tshirt2k


    very impressive. How much was the charger???
  14. Janspeed Cat back, Sits higher now after renewing rubbers
  15. I'd advise getting some skins to protect speaker and interior from getting wet when it rains. The standard speakers have a shield to prevent this, aftermarket dont. I have to remake my mdf mounts for my rainbows cos the others have swelled up.
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