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  1. Would love to know what happened to this... Seen it's now SORN with no insurance etc.
  2. this gti thottlebody i managed to get my hands on was a cable throttle, not drive by wire.
  3. Thanks, i think i got the inlet manifold and throttlebody from you. Now for sale by its current owner (not me) GTi inlet manifold, gti throttle body, egr removed, remap to suit V-Power fuel and induction kit. (now for sale by its current owner (not me))
  4. I'd advise against blocking off the boost return, this provides precious oil vapor to the scroll of the supercharger, without this the scrolls dry up and tend to wear very quickly. We've rebuilt enough chargers at jabbasport to know what works and what doesnt.
  5. I'd swear by emerald, im putting one in my loop soon, is there anything in particular i have to watch out for Paul?
  6. That's correct, trust me, i'd love to offer more discount, owning a Lupo myself, but it's just not possible.
  7. Hi Guys, Unfortunately there's not really much by way of group buy that we can do on this particular item. Because we have to outsource the manaufacturing of the bar, powder coating etc there's very little in it. With a group buy of 10 people, we tend to offer £200 inc postage whereas here, im offering £200 plus postage (£210 all in) without any group buy. I cant do more discount than this otherwise i wouldn't be doing any favours for our fabia friends who have the same bar and have got the 200 inc postage discount on their group buys.
  8. Looks like a Polo Diesel GT steering wheel...
  9. Ahh right, sorry i was thinking about the newer type...
  10. Glad it feels better, the rear ARB tends to help with turn in so you'll find the response on turn in is much better, and the controllable oversteer is great. On mine, there's no real need to correct the slide, just a bit of lift off oversteer to pull the rear round the corner or on a fast corner just fettle the brakes lightly to get the front to dig in and pull the rear round.. I believe it will fit the Polo so you're mate's more than welcome to order one
  11. Yeah that's the one, i got the diameter wrong in this post, like it says, they're 23mm. That's got KW V2s and the anti roll-bar, but yeah, quite different from standard.
  12. Thats why we always get pikeys asking to buy old cats. lol
  13. Yeah much better, however the flexi i used was one i robbed off an old 1.8T exhaust ;-)
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