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  1. Surely if they are the same part ( & number ) they will be the same price?
  2. Has anyone got one? VW just quoted £375 plus VAT
  3. Does anyone on here want this for a couple of hundred quid! I've used it as my daily runner for 5 years, bad points- it's a bit tatty now, the head gasket is leaking oil into number 1 cylinder hence it has a misfire. It does drive, I am on Isle of Wight but can bring it over for the price of the ferry. Good point is I've only just renewed the MOT so it has 11 months left. If you replaced the head gasket it would do someone a turn! Matt- mobile is 0777 3585 763 (ps I have to take my private plate off it but I think this is quick to do on the net)
  4. Does anyone have any preferably with tyres for my learner daughters lupo? I am on the south coast. tx or phone, Matt- 077267 60922 thanks
  5. im always playing with the handbrake knob! its so well engineered, have a play with your's but beware it's addictive.....sad eh
  6. hi the warning light being on constantly is beginning to bug me! had a look for the switch/sensor but cant find it, any help appreciated...
  7. oh ok thanks i'll pm one of you..hehe dunno what i should change it too though, weve got matty b and me how many other matt's on here? sensible thoughts on my new log name please!....
  8. hi everyone, my log on name has been buggin me for ages! ive had a scroll about but cant find the 'change log on name' menu, maybe i am dafter than i realise or even need to bring my eye test forward... please help!
  9. ive abstained again...always find this option best,if i break with this my wife and daughter will think ive been up to smthn, be consistent thats my advice!
  10. thanks people for your help, i don't do the servicing on it so im not toooo familiar with tiny details! hope you're all coping better than me with the eng winter n rain, it's wild down here on IOW, i neeeeeed the sun!
  11. hi is the correct engine oil level the 'hatched' area or the upper part of indented area on the dipstick? onl other cars ive had have either a hatced area or indented not normally both...(loop TDI) thanks!
  12. hi all the door stay on my loop is now completely shot and i was wondering if i can pop the speaker out to get access or is this job a pain in the ass requiring the door panel to be removed? many thanks.....
  13. thanks for that info, just had a look and found it..i'll collect one later and fit it, thanks again..
  14. Hi please can someone tell me where the eng temp sender unit is( maybe post a pic?) only my gauge has stopped working and if i locate it i can fit a new one and save myself a few quid from my naughty VW dealer.... many thanks....matt
  15. that DVLA link is quite interesting if u want to check if cars you have previously owned are still on the road.... it obviously doesn't give keeper details just road tax status but nevertheless great reminiscence therapy!
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