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  1. Thanks for that detailed response. Lupo would win in costs and reliability then while the Mini gives more fun. Hard to choose! Yes, I have realised that the interior of the Yaris just isn't special. I have pretty much decided not to consider that anymore. Even with the strengths you mention, I'm personally looking for more than strictly reliability and economy. I have checked figures for a standard R50 Mini One and it gives up to 43 mpg, or 58 in the diesel. Lower than Lupo but surely those numbers aren't awful, or are they? Anyway, it looks like they do cost more to fix. I imagin
  2. The Aygo/107/C1 is great and cheap yes, but like you say Lupo has more character and to me personally that's a critical criteria. Hence why I want that or a Mini or Puma. £20 tax is a steal admittedly. If I get a Lupo or Mini I would probably get a diesel for their lower taxes too.
  3. That's useful advice. So it seems there's many sources for parts/repair due to popularity (that is a valid point), but certain work could be pricey. And I'm glad you mentioned the diesel; I looked into it yesterday, it provides good mpg with lower insurance/tax than standard 1.6 petrols. It having a Toyota engine makes me trust it more speaking of reliability. The Lupo also has the efficient 1.7 diesel as does Yaris with a 1.4. According to my average calculations, I may be spending £300 more a year with a petrol Mini or Puma vs. a diesel Lupo or Yaris. Diesel Mini is cheaper but still more th
  4. Thank you. Why Yaris over Mini? Also wow I had to double check and I'm impressed there's a Lupo type with just £30 tax. That's a fraction of others (Yaris also has a diesel £30). Thank you. Yes it does seem that Lupo except the GTI is in lower insurance groups, though does Mini also have higher repair costs? I guess what I'm trying to say is that the Mini is pricier but it's surely not too much to eat my modest wallet? Also you do you know anyhing about the Puma, 1.4? Higher insurance group but road tax is about same as petrol Lupo.
  5. I have never owned or driven a Lupo, but I might buy one some day (I've posted a thread about this). After all I have liked the cute little Lupo since childhood. Anyway it feels great to meet everyone here at this dedicated club! I like Volkswagens and my dad has owned several since my childhood, including a Mk1 Sharan and a Mk3 Golf.
  6. Good afternoon, I'm a new member and it's great to be here! Before I start, I should say that I have always liked the Lupo since I was a child, because it's small and stylish. So anyway... I've had my license for a few years now but haven't owned a car yet due to insurance costs and since I live near good transport. I've been delaying it but am now preparing to finally get one sometime within the next year I hope. I would like a car which is cheap to buy and run but also has a sense of style. The Mk1 Focus comes to mind (I actually did my lessons in one) and it has a solid reputation
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