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  1. Got one delivered today off ebay for £14. Perfect fit thanks
  2. Hi all, looking for a part number for a 2004 lupo gti mirror cover. Its for the drivers side, ive looked at online etka but it's not very clear. Thanks
  3. As above, looking for mirror cover for lupo gti drivers side. Silver preferred but any colour will do. Would take complete mirror if available
  4. For anyone that's interested, I unplugged the wire going to the positive battery terminal ignitor and fitted a resistor. This allowed me to clear the airbag fault which proves the fault was with the igniter. I unplugged the wire going into the actual igniter but it broke (I dont think its meant to be unplugged by the look of it) and there was signs of corrosion on plug. Interestingly the plug had a bmw stamp on it, some E46 bmws were fitted with this same system. Currently waiting on a second hand terminal coming from Holland as apparently no one in the UK has one.... could have left the resis
  5. Looking for a positive battery terminal for lupo gti same as below Thanks
  6. My lupo airbag light is currently on, fault reader says the igniter for battery disconnect (N253) resistance is too high. All I've done so far is check the plugs at the igniter, has anyone experienced this fault before and how did they fix it? Thanks
  7. Just bought one off ebay for £22
  8. Obsolete from volkswagen now, any second hand ones for sale??
  9. Blasting definitely the way to go, gets into all the nooks and crannies.
  10. G60 caliper carriers and g60 discs with standard calipers
  11. My ones not working but I haven't opened up door yet to have a look. Can't be bothered with a repair kit, would rather fit complete regulator
  12. Finally got axle, subframe, suspension and brakes etc rebuilt and car driven out of garage. Quite happy with ride height (standard shocks and eibach springs) although I'm sure it may settle down once driven. Next step is to get camber/alignment set up and motd as its been off the road for 5 years. Have also fitted 280mm front brake conversion and hel brake lines.
  13. Did that one work ok? Apparently the gti ones are different somehow. Gti ones are a fortune compared with standard lupo ones.
  14. Finally got round to fitting rear axle today
  15. Ok thanks, better get one ordered then. Do you remember how much it was
  16. can anyone tell me if the trim at the bottom of the windscreen (plenum chamber cover) has a raised part that slots into the trim at the bottom of the windscreen. Mine doesn't have one but it looks like there should be as my trim seems very loose. Thanks
  17. Finally got round to fitting subframe and welding captive nut in place, just need to clean up welds, put on some bodysealant and paint..
  18. The 2 anti roll bar links I bought came with different style washers. Fitted fine but not good for my ocd
  19. I bought the moog ones, they also have starline which were dearer. Came with bushes also, fitted no problem
  20. ECP also do the 22mm ones, I bought from them last month and fitted no problem
  21. kids are off to school so peace and quiet to do some painting. Using small brushes to paint the edges
  22. hi all, bought new rear calipers for my gti but the new calipers don't have a hole for screwing the balance weight onto. Should I swap over the complete bracket from the old one or just leave the weights off? My originals don't have springs fitted which I assume get removed when you fit the weights?? Thanks
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