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  1. Hey everyone thanks for all the help. It took me 4 hours to clean inside and out this morning as the last owners did not keep it tidy! After removing the side strips fairly quickly it then took me another 4 hours to get it down to this. I had to ask my sister and her boyfriend to help me out and even with three of us trying to remove the adhesive it is still very time consuming. We tried brake cleaner, tar remover and even nail polish remover but none of them seem to help much. In the end we used brake cleaner and old gift card vouchers to scrape it off without scratching the surface which seems to be the best method. Now I've dropped out of sixth form I've got all next week free to finish removing it which should be enough time 😂
  2. Thanks this is really helpful! Luckily the previous owners already replaced the stereo so it has an aux and USB port as I'll need to use the cigarette lighter for my black box. It also has a cup holder I will definitely be doing some of the things in this list so I'll try and remember to post updates, thank youuu!
  3. Hi everyone! I turn 17 next Sunday and just bought myself a VW Lupo because I think they are beautiful This bad boy already has tinted windows too! I wondered if anyone had suggestions on little mods/tweaks I could do to it that wouldn't affect my insurance? So far, I have made this list: remove side bumpers wind deflectors arial black out trims I would also like some advice with removing the bumpers? I've watched a few videos and have gathered I need to heat them up and peel them back but am unsure of what's the best thing to use to remove any excess adhesive? And would the colour underneath be the same or faded? Thank you! - Lottie
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