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  1. RvB

    Rear Wiper Motor

    Has anyone got a good, i.e. nozzle not seized or leaking, rear wiper motor for a Lupo/Arosa that they would sell? Perhaps one that was removed when doing a wiper delete. Just found out the Arosa's one has the nozzle seized to the shaft and is spraying more inside the car than out!
  2. There's certainly something different with momentum, whenever I put it in my Abarth it gives the exhaust vapour a very parafinny type smell and makes it pop and fart a bit more. Don't get that smell with vpower or regular unleaded.
  3. Thanks. It's got a fresh tank of momentum 99 all ready for a good blast, so will see how it goes.
  4. My lad's 2003 Arosa 1.4 Sport brought the engine management light on a couple of days ago. Car was running fine before it came on and after too. I've put vag com on it and got this: 1 Fault Found: 16804 - Catalyst System; Bank 1: Efficiency Below Threshold P0420 - 35-00 - I've cleared the code and driven it about 10 miles and the eml hasn't come back on yet. I've checked for exhaust leaks and can't see/hear anything, so I'm wondering if the knowledgeable folk of clublupo have come across this one before. Do the o2 sensors fail with age on these cars or is it more likely the cat itself? We got the car in November and it hasn't done a lot of miles since as he's still learning to drive, in fact it hasn't done a lot of miles in the last few years as the previous owner only did about 1200 miles a year and so did the previous owner to that. So I'm hoping it's just gunged up and a few good spirited drives will clear it out a bit, but if not any ideas where to look?

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