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  1. Do you still have the cambridge lights? Also interior light? Thanks.
  2. How did this go? Any pics?
  3. So how much does this thing cost?
  4. How does the navigation system work then? Looks stone age Haha.
  5. I've also noticed one of the keys have stop flashing when pressing the button.. apparently VW says the keys are obsolete? So how do I go about that?
  6. After the interior light for my lupo GTI, seen some interior lights on Ebay but they all have the light grey plastic surrounding it. The one I have is surrounded with black plastic, the contacts have gone and its playing silly buggers. Thanks in advance. Sam.
  7. Tried the resync and no joy...
  8. Hello guys and girls, Right, so I have a lupo GTI which locks with the key in the door. The button on the key fob doesn't seem to work, I have 2 sets of keys but non of them trigger the locks with the buttons on the fob. So i took it a car electrician who was recommended. He changed the batteries in the fobs (which I had already done) and then went onto phoning VW who told him the key fobs are obsolete. He reckons it's the key fobs that are the issue and said if I source some other keys he could try and programme them to the car. So does this sound right or does this guy not know what hes on with? Any advice? Thanks in advance. Sam.
  9. Where abouts are you? Sorry just seen, looking all over for location but spotted it.
  10. Mr Taco 88


    Any recommendations?
  11. Mr Taco 88


    Hmmm... I bought the lupo with coilovers on. Really want to go back to stock, or as close as possible.
  12. Mr Taco 88


    What are the chances of the polo 6n2 gti suspension being the same as the lupo gti..?
  13. Hello, I'm looking for the full suspension for the lupo gti. I bought a lupo with coilovers but would like it to be back to stock. All the necessary bits required. Thanks.
  14. This car is back on sale on eBay? Did it not sell?
  15. So could you also put a 1.8t into a lupo... Well, I know you can obviously but would you be able to provide such a service?
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