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  1. Mr Taco 88

    LUPO SDI good condition £900 £30tax 149k light blue

    Where abouts are you? Sorry just seen, looking all over for location but spotted it.
  2. Mr Taco 88


    Any recommendations?
  3. Mr Taco 88


    Hmmm... I bought the lupo with coilovers on. Really want to go back to stock, or as close as possible.
  4. Mr Taco 88


    What are the chances of the polo 6n2 gti suspension being the same as the lupo gti..?
  5. Mr Taco 88

    Stock lupo gti suspension (full)

    Hello, I'm looking for the full suspension for the lupo gti. I bought a lupo with coilovers but would like it to be back to stock. All the necessary bits required. Thanks.
  6. Mr Taco 88

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    This car is back on sale on eBay? Did it not sell?
  7. Mr Taco 88

    Lupo GTI 1.8T - Forged engine, 290bhp

    So could you also put a 1.8t into a lupo... Well, I know you can obviously but would you be able to provide such a service?
  8. Mr Taco 88

    Brand New Genuine Starlite Wheels

    What model what these have originally been for out of curiosity?
  9. Mr Taco 88

    Lupo 1.7 SDi spares or repair Cambridge Edition

    I've asked like 3 times for those lights! On gumtree, on eBay, now on here.. do I have to suck you off for them or summat!
  10. Mr Taco 88

    2001 Polo 6N2 Breaking

    Does it have the same interior handles?
  11. Mr Taco 88

    Dares RS 15" Deep Dish Alloys

    Where you live?
  12. Where and how much are you paying to get your car re-trimmed? What are you going for out of curiosity?
  13. Mr Taco 88


    These make me drool.....🤤 If I had a spare 800 quid... What would 500 get me? Two alloys... 😋
  14. Mr Taco 88

    Lupo GTI South Yorkshire.

    Hello guys and gals, Just got myself a Lupo GTI in black, fancied going back to my younger days and getting something a bit cool. Well I think it is anyway! Anyway, hopefully I might see some others put and about, looking forward to some subtle mods and engine upgrades. Any suggestions and ideas welcome SAM.

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