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  1. Hi guys, I have a Lupo 3L converted to manual, and I've spotted another 3L in my neighbourhood, but the gearbox is completely trashed and the car has been sitting in a garage for years.... My idea is to buy it, and put a 1.4Tdi gearbox on it and convert it to manual. I assume that is possible provided that the bell housings are the same and all? What is the gearbox code on a 1.4Tdi, any other things that might potentially cause problems?
  2. My 3L has Abs working luckily, but my ECU is rewritten and doesnt require communication or presence of the gearbox ecu. My ecu is in fact a Lupo 1.4Tdi Ecu with turbo info copied from the original ecu, since 1.4Tdi has a WG turbo... So I doubt that it would be possible to code in the 3L electeonic power steering?! Maybe a really good tech person... I am reluctant to sell my 3L and get a 1.4Tdi because of really low consumption and excellent condition of the car... It is fully serviced and lots of lots of new parts on it. It's got new oem shocks, timing belt done, all wheel beaeings, brakes a
  3. Thanks! Fitting the complete power steering from another 3L is possible as much as fitting it to a 1.0Mpi. Remember, my 3L is now mechanically much closer to a 1.pi than to a 3L... Very useful info on the conversion though.... What holds the pump to the engine? Any holder that I need?
  4. All I know is that the electric power steering is tightly integrated into the whole thing, and requires gearbox ecu to run... I don't know whether someone has managed to get it to work with manual conversion. All I now is that when they convert full specced 3Ls to manuals they lose power steering and Esp in the process... In some cases Abs as well... Luckily a prson who dis my map managet to code it in
  5. Thanks! Fitting the complete power steering from another 3L is possible as much as fitting it to a 1.0Mpi. Remember, my 3L is now mechanically much closer to a 1.pi than to a 3L... Very useful info on the conversion though.... What holds the pump to the engine? Any holder that I need?
  6. You are mistaken, at least as far as 3Ls are concerned. Lupo 3Ls came from factory with either electronic power steering or no power steering at all... My 3L never had it... Now that it is a manual converted 3L, I can't retrofit electronic power steering, even if I wanted to. It is impossible. What I can do is retrofit ordinary hydraulic power steering like in plain ordinary Lupos...
  7. I think I havent been clear... I have a 3L converted to manual. It has no power steering, nor did it have it when it was automatic... Since it is now a plain old manual Lupo as far as Ecu and all else are concerned, I would like to add power steering from a 1.4Tdi, if possible... My wife drives it most of the time, and she finds it difficult in heavy traffic and tight places....
  8. Hi Rab, my Lupo is converted to manual... I wouldn't need a different ecu... Is it possible to do an easy swap?
  9. Guys, I want to retrofit power steering to my Lupo 3L converted to manual. What is the list of parts that I need, and does it matter which Lupo version they come from? I guess I will need a pump and an oil reservoir. Apart from that? Will I need a new steering rack? Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, sorry for the late response.... Haven't figured the drone, but im sure it's exhaust related, because the engine sounds louder than it should the moment i floor it under load. When I am alone there is almost no drone, but when there are say four people and going slightly uphill, then the drone is pronounced.... As far as the conversion is concerned, we used Lupo 1.0 Parts (gear linkage, cables, the shifter) and hooked it up to the original 3L gearbox... Then we had to flash the original Ecu because the car wouldn't even start with its old map... The map we used is a combination of
  11. Hi guys. I have noticed a kind of a droning noise at about 1800-2000rpm on my 3L that has persisted ever since it got converted to manual and had a tune. I am almost sure it was not there before the conversion. My egr is deleted and ASV is not working. It's strictly engine related, not having anything to do with tyres or bearings (which are all new btw) The drone is louder if the strain on the engine is greater, but is only noticable in that rev range. Any ideas what might be causing it? Its like there is poor engine insulation.... When driving I always tend to skip the drone by going sli
  12. Guys, I need to replace front discs on my 3L. What I have googled out is that I need this: Diameter: 239mmHeight: 35mm, Thickness (new/min): 15/13mm.... Can i upgrade to this to have better brakes: Diameter: 256mmHeight: 38mm, Thickness (new/min): 20/18mm https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/ebc-standard-front-brake-discs/volkswagen/lupo.html
  13. Guys, somehow, my ABS appears to be working now... Many people told me ABS doesn't work with manual conversion, and I must have taken it for granted... I think it didn't work with the old map... Now i tried braking at higher speed and I do get clear pulsating feedback from the brake pedal... I don't know how... Maybe....The guy who was working on my current map could have been really good.... I was puzzled by the fact that I don't have any ABS related warnings on the dash, so I thought I might test it on asphalt.... I will investigate further... The issue with my brakes not being very good may
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