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  1. Hi guys, sorry for the late response.... Haven't figured the drone, but im sure it's exhaust related, because the engine sounds louder than it should the moment i floor it under load. When I am alone there is almost no drone, but when there are say four people and going slightly uphill, then the drone is pronounced.... As far as the conversion is concerned, we used Lupo 1.0 Parts (gear linkage, cables, the shifter) and hooked it up to the original 3L gearbox... Then we had to flash the original Ecu because the car wouldn't even start with its old map... The map we used is a combination of the Lupo 1.4Tdi map and a 3L map (1.4Tdi map with 3L turbo parameters). The car can start and drive with the stock 1.4Tdi map as well, but smokes a lot and has miserable performance because 1.4Tdi has a wastgate turbo, whereas 3L has a variable turbo... This explains the mechanical parto of the swap... Just mute it 😂
  2. Hi guys. I have noticed a kind of a droning noise at about 1800-2000rpm on my 3L that has persisted ever since it got converted to manual and had a tune. I am almost sure it was not there before the conversion. My egr is deleted and ASV is not working. It's strictly engine related, not having anything to do with tyres or bearings (which are all new btw) The drone is louder if the strain on the engine is greater, but is only noticable in that rev range. Any ideas what might be causing it? Its like there is poor engine insulation.... When driving I always tend to skip the drone by going slightly above the range, but it hurts my economy... Above or below the range the car is super silent...Cheers guys!
  3. Guys, I need to replace front discs on my 3L. What I have googled out is that I need this: Diameter: 239mmHeight: 35mm, Thickness (new/min): 15/13mm.... Can i upgrade to this to have better brakes: Diameter: 256mmHeight: 38mm, Thickness (new/min): 20/18mm https://www.dcperformance.co.uk/uprated/ebc-standard-front-brake-discs/volkswagen/lupo.html
  4. bump Any ideas guys?
  5. Guys, somehow, my ABS appears to be working now... Many people told me ABS doesn't work with manual conversion, and I must have taken it for granted... I think it didn't work with the old map... Now i tried braking at higher speed and I do get clear pulsating feedback from the brake pedal... I don't know how... Maybe....The guy who was working on my current map could have been really good.... I was puzzled by the fact that I don't have any ABS related warnings on the dash, so I thought I might test it on asphalt.... I will investigate further... The issue with my brakes not being very good may be because I need new disks and am still on oem aluminium drums.... i will replace... Brake fluid may have never been replaced as well.....I will replace it... im like wtf! it works... I guess it works...🤔🤔
  6. Hi guys, will these fit Lupo with these spacers? Are they not an overkill for Lupo doors? https://www.hertzaudiovideo.com/car-audio-coaxial-hienergy-hcx165/ https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Lupo-Speaker-Adaptor-Kit-1999-2005-Rings-Spacers-165mm-6-5-Front-Door-/260614331243
  7. Thanks for the reply and some clarifications Unfortunately, ABS has to go because it is deeply integrated and controlled by the gearbox ECU, that is removed as no longer needed... The proportioning valve that you mentioned... I have read that 3L which comes fitted with ABS has it? Is this true? https://volkswagen.7zap.com/en/rdw/lupo++lupo+3l+tdi/lu/1999-231/6/612-612010/
  8. Hello guys, i have a Lupo 3L. We did a manual conversion last year. The ABS is not working any more, and as a result I need to remove the ABS module and fit a master brake cylinder from a Lupo/Polo/Ibiza that came from factory without ABS. I am not sure whether I can reuse my current brake servo and just buy a non abs cylinder?! I hope that you can help me. My brake servo part no. is 6N1614105L. I can google out that both 1.0 and 1.2Tdi have the same brake servo, but is the brake servo with this part number only for ABS fitted cars? I am not sure if I can bolt on the non abs master cylinder in it... Thanks! https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Brake-Master-Cylinder-VW-Seat-POLO-CORDOBA-PASSAT-IBIZA-II-2-GOLF-III-3/123669233461?hash=item1ccb42bf35:g:jgAAAOSwPrtb0vxd https://www.proxyparts.com/car-parts-stock/result/part-number/6n1614105l/part/brake-servo/ i need to mount this on it....
  9. Guys I think i figured it out, not 100% sure though. It suddenly dawned on me. Some facts: The car drove well before the manual conversion. The car lost power immediately after the conversion. Maf is fine, no error codes, no boost leaks. I thought the map was bad. We flashed it a proven working map. The car can't hold boost even with that map from a manual 3L that makes 81hp. Why does it not perform with that map? Because that other Lupo had the actuator rod adjusted, unlike mine.
  10. Hi guys, I have some problems with my 1.2Tdi 3L. The car loses all power past the second gear, but there is no limp mode. It loses speed uphill, doesn't get past 120kmh, but there is no limp mode or codes. There is NO smoke whatsoever, even if the car has been remapped from 60 to 80hp so I guess there is not enough fuel or air getting into the engine. Since there is no limp mode, should I rule out the sticky turbo vanes as the culprit? I have plugged out the maf sensor and it hasn't changed a thing.ASV is not working, is stuck in the open position, and i disconnected the wiring to it in case it may be acting up... EGR was completely non functional, clogged so i just removed the hose and plugged the hole.... Intake is not very clean but not clogged up. I tried disconnecting the air hose to have it suck clean air, didnt get any improvement....Today I tried swapping several MAF sensors and situation is the same. I ordered another air filter and will try changing it tomorrow, or running without it. I doubt it will cure anything, since it has been replaced recently, but I have to start somewhere. Maf values are from 370mg to 500mg idle with different mafs read from a Delphi diagnostics software. When I rev the car in neutral all the way to red line and keep my foot down it barely gets to 600mg air.... What should the values for this engine be in neutral and full throttle? (Is it more than 800mg or so like on a 1.9Tdi) What should the turbo boost be? Do I measure it by flooring it all the way in neutral? Suggestions appreciated. There are NO codes, apart from the ASV and glow plug code, which is irrelevant. The car doesn't smoke at all, and it doesn't use more fuel. It idles and sounds fine... It goes like sting up to the forth gear then loses power completely and 2500rpm in fifth gear is the limit.... Thanks guys... The ECU map is good. Another 3L hits 81hp in fifth gear with it.... The car hasnt' been in use for almost six months, so I wonder if turbo vanes could be stuck or not operating correctly without it throwing a code or going in limp mode.... I can move the actuator with my hand without problems though...
  11. I am actually trying to figure out whether i could use Lupo 1.4tdi Bilstein front shocks instead of original 3l alu shocks... 2X Oem 3l front shocks are 2X 260 euros. I ordered Bilstein 4476 with coils, bearings, dust covers and all. If they dont fit, the scenario with a very high probability, im gonna set it on fire.
  12. Well, the oem ones are aluminium, and are 250 euros per item.... They look look like this...
  13. Hi guys, i bought front and rear Billstein shock absorbers for my 3L. It turned out that the front struts will not fit. 3L has aluminium struts like these... http://www.ebay.ie/itm/VW-Lupo-3-L-1-2TDi-SHOCK-STRUT-FRONT-6e0413031f-/182615044275?hash=item2a84b470b3:g:Mh0AAOSwARZXljdr Is there any replacement for the OEM part, or am I most likely to be ripped off by the dealer? Ty guys...
  14. Let me quote you... "I had a look on ElsaWin: Self-diagnosis of immobilizer, Vehicles 05.00 > From model year 2001 the 3rd generation immobilizer has been introduced to the Lupo. So, pre 2001 models have Immo2, which means you can theoretically code your own keys at home. > 2001 have Immo3 which makes it harder." According to this, my Lupo has immo3, and the instrument cluster is 2000! Do you still think it would be possible to just plug and play the tacho? Is the immo a part of the tacho as well, or maybe it has nothing to do with it in Lupos? Tnx!!
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