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  1. Nazzywazzy

    Trouble starting Lupo in hot weather

    Thank you! I think that's exactly what I'll do 😊. Unlike cars, I'm pretty good with computers so can hopefully get the full version unlocked without paying for registration 😁. Thanks again!
  2. Nazzywazzy

    Trouble starting Lupo in hot weather

    Thanks for your help guys 🙂 I know very little about cars so will show this thread to someone who does and hopefully we can come up with a solution!
  3. Nazzywazzy

    Trouble starting Lupo in hot weather

    Ahhh, I'm in Bristol. But thanks for the offer 😊
  4. Nazzywazzy

    Trouble starting Lupo in hot weather

    Oh a quick Google search says that the VCDS is the software. Can I use the lite version or do I have to upgrade to the full version?
  5. Nazzywazzy

    Trouble starting Lupo in hot weather

    Thanks guys 😁 I don't know where to start when it comes to vag leads. So if I buy one off ebay, do I need to download some software for my laptop? If so which software? Any links? Sorry I'm a complete beginner and a fairly new driver 🙈
  6. Hey all, I have a 1.4 automatic Lupo, 2000 which has trouble starting in hot weather. On cooler days I have no problems, but on hot days, particularly when my car is in direct sunlight it struggles to start. It just cranks and cranks but struggles to fire. Sometimes it takes 10 tries before it starts, other times only a couple. Weirdly this rarely happens when I start the car for the first time in the day, only when it has been driven around and the engine has been switched off (so I'll park up, pop in the shop, come back and it struggles to start). Luckily it has always started eventually, but I know it's just going to get worse. Any ideas what it might be? After reading on here about it possibly needing a new crank sensor, I took my car to a mechanic who said if it was the crank sensor I wouldn't only have this problem in hot weather? I also ruled out it being a problem with the immobiliser as I have the same problem with my spare key. I'm thinking about buying a diagnostics tool myself to find out what the problem is rather than taking it to the garage to diagnose. I have read on this forum about vagcom? But have no idea where to start! Thanks!

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