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  1. Aah great to hear!! We are on aub also so it’s got to see it getting its fair share of mods. I’m used to seeing afk’s with all the glory mods 🙂 I am very interested in your list of mods if you get chance to post them all!!
  2. Just caught up with this post, great work with the mods so far!! I have a similar project with my sons Lupo Sport. What engine code are you working on?
  3. Just dipping in on this post! How did you get on with the gearbox Grah71? i have the same issue with mine, AUB engine with ETB box. options I have seen are 1. remove gearbox and send for refurb for £530! Or, 2. find an alternative box!! interested to know what other gearboxes fit onto an AUB... (apologies if this is posted elsewhere on the forum)
  4. Yes you are right. My son will be using it in the juniors then I can use it in the new 1400 production seniors class with BTRDA clubman RX. The juniors has tighter controls than seniors in terms of safety. To be honest I’m not dead set on any solution to this, it’s just good to know what’s been tried and tested. The junior weight limit is 950kg including driver so weight of a panel isn’t going to hurt. All great advise so far so thanks lads. Ill let you know how I get on!!
  5. The weight is negligible but the MSA regs require all sunroofs to be filled. So yes a fibreglass panel would do but I’d have to check if it would pass the scruteneers checks. I know a steel infill will for sure. I also want it to look half decent and last.
  6. Mk2...thanks for the post man. I’m an engineer by trade so can weld, TIG mainly. Did you TIG or MIG?? Glad to know it’s doable with good results!!
  7. Thanks Rich. Yes that’s what I feared. I will be using the car for rallycross 1400 category so ascetics not a major concern, but still need a good fit...
  8. Hi all, new member here. Proud owner of a 1.4 16v 100hp open air Lupo!! Open air roof (as many are) is in a bit of a bad way and I want to replace it but with a solid roof. My question is, has anyone had any experience replacing the actual roof panel!!?? Plenty of lupos about at breakers yards... Cheers!!
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